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4 of the Best Fabrics for Suits

4 of the Best Fabrics for Suits

A suit is an essential component in any man’s wardrobe. The old saying goes clothes make the man, and we’re betting those clothes were probably a suit. Even if you are not the suit-type of a guy, there’s always some occasion where it’s just a necessity. Try rocking up at an important job interview in jeans and a t-shirt and see what kind of first impression that makes.

Having a stylish, quality suit that mimics the natural shape of your body helps you to look the part and complements your qualities. The type of fabric you choose for your suite wear can make a big difference to your appearance and the way you feel.

It’s vital to pick the right fabric for your suit so it fits your needs. If you really want to impress, rather than buying a suit off the peg, you might be looking to get one tailored. In this case it’s vital to get a feel for the different looks and types of fabrics on the market. One excellent place to get suit fabric ideas is at Dalston Mill Fabrics. Here are four of the best fabrics that can be used to make you dress to impress.

1. Wool

Wool has always been among the best fabrics for suits because it’s so versatile. You can wear it during cold or hot weather. Furthermore, its perfect for a wide range of occasions ranging from interviews, business meetings, weddings, and many other important times. Men prefer wool fabric because it is wrinkle-free. It’s also breathable, warm, and soft. However, it is not the ideal look if you desire a slimmer appearance because wool tends to appear bulky.

2. Cotton

Cotton suits are excellent all year round. They are lightweight and highly breathable. A cotton suit is an excellent choice as it absorbs body moisture to keep you dry. Cotton is also perfect at drawing heat away from your skin thus keeping you cool in hot weather. Most men prefer cotton suits as casual wear. The cotton suit fabric is available in various different weights. Therefore, you can choose the appropriate weight for your purpose. A cotton suit is comfortable and provides the classic look.

3. Linen

Linen is another excellent suit fabric for summer occasions. It’s an attractive alternative to wool and cotton. Some men favour linen suits because they are super lightweight, breathable, more comfortable against the skin, and are known to maintain their coolness even in soaring temperatures. However, you should be aware that linen wrinkles easily and stains even easier. Hence it requires regular dry cleaning to maintain its fresh and crisp look. Linen suits are ideal for casual looks.

4. Dupion Silk

Dupion silk is another excellent fabric that’s widely used to create suit wear. Silk provides elegance, luxury, and superior comfort. Dupion is among the most durable fabrics and comes in a wide range of colour variations and texture. Many people love dupion because of its shimmering crispy nature. It is thicker, highly resistant to wrinkles, and dyes well. However, choosing the most appropriate silk dupion for your suit is not a straightforward affair since there many varieties available. The most common dupions have an Indian or Italian finish. The distinction between the two is that the Italian dupion finish is smooth in texture while the Indian finish is of a nubby texture. However, silk is generally the most expensive fabric.

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