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5 Cycling Safety Tips to Keep You Protected When Riding

5 Cycling Safety Tips to Keep You Protected When Riding

Cylist riding down a road with beautiful mountains in the background

Cycling can be fun and enjoyable hobby. It’s one of those sports that you can have fun whether riding out solo or with a group of other people. But to keep having fun you need to keep yourself in one piece while riding, which you will if you heed the following safety tips so you can get your cycle on without getting hurt.

1. Choose the right gear – Don’t just buy any bike that catches your eye. There are several factors that are good to consider before choosing the right bicycle you will invest it.

Of course, first, you need to know what your needs are. Do you just want a simple road bike? Or do you want a mountain bike that can handle tough going on rough terrains?

Don’t just pick a bike without trying to ride it first. Just like choosing a car, you’ll want a test ride to feel the bike is right for you. You might be spending hours on your bike and if it’s not comfortable, you will be suffering throughout all your rides.

2. Always wear your safety equipment – When out for a ride, make sure you are wearing the proper clothing and other equipment, most vitally a helmet that fits you properly and clothing specifically manufactured for bicycle riders.

Although it’s fine to wear your everyday clothes for riding, the reason to opt for cycling shorts is in order to reduce the possibility of nasty chafing when you’re out riding for hours. You may also want to invest in the proper shoes and even some eye protection. It goes without saying that lights for your bike are an absolute must.

3. Bring a safety kit with you – Aside from your own equipment, consider bringing some safety kit. This can be both a first-aid kit just in case you come off your bike or get any kind of injury while riding.

And also, a kit for when something happens to your bike, as it invariably does from time to time. A spare inner tube, pump, bike tool and tire levers should help you out of most mechanical trouble you find yourself in.

4. Be aware of your surroundings and follow all the traffic rules – It might seem obvious, but when riding your bicycle, you should always be courteous and follow the rules of the road. It’s amazing the number of people who don’t. Stay alert and never get distracted from the road in front of you. That means never wearing earphones when cycling. It may be nice to listen to music or the latest podcast when riding, but it can be deadly.

Make yourself distinguishable especially when you are riding at night. It’s not enough to just have reflectors on your bike, you might also need to wear a reflective vest or the like. Just don’t dress in all black!

5. Consider biking indoors with a smart trainer – If you are just starting with cycling and you are still wary of heading outdoors, a good alternative to get your confidence up is to cycle with a smart trainer. This way, you can get the experience of riding without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

There are many smart trainers available on the market. In order to help you decide, check out the reviews from They’ve listed the features of the best trainers on the market today.

So enjoy your cycling, have fun riding out, but just remember to stay safe on that road.