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What are the Best Products to Invest in if You’re a Frequent Traveller?

What are the Best Products to Invest in if You’re a Frequent Traveller?

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Right now, most of us aren’t travelling much further than our back garden and the thought of hopping on a plane or train feels like a distant memory. However, there are those of us who did – and will again – travel a lot for work and also for leisure.

While everything has been put on pause for now, it’s worth using this time to think about the key things to invest in for when you’re back on the road to that meeting or client catch up. What’s been on your wish list? Now’s your chance to find that perfect accompaniment to make the journey that bit smoother.

Portable charger

This is a must-have. Whether you’re heading to a business meeting via plane or you’re just hopping on the train to London, having a portable charger for both your laptop and your phone is essential. Investing in an external battery pack for your laptop can be the perfect solution here as all you need to do is bring the cable to plug in your phone and both can be charging en route to the meeting.

Noise cancelling headphones

You may have a long journey ahead of you or you may have just had an early start and require some peace and quiet. Either way, noise cancelling headphones are a great way to block out the sounds around you so that you can concentrate on finishing the report before you get to the office or simply give you the opportunity to switch off and enjoy some music or your favourite podcast.

Pre-booked tickets

If you’re making repeat journeys to the same place, pre-booking your travel is a real investment. There are plenty of ways to do this, depending on your mode of transport, but one of the most cost-effective methods if you’re travelling by train is opting for carnet tickets.

These books of tickets can be popped in your work bag and you don’t have to worry about arranging travel details and claiming for expenses all the time with the accounts team in the office.

Neck pillow

For longer journeys, a neck pillow can be the ultimate treat, especially if you’re having to sit for long periods. As well as the typical doughnut-style ones that wrap around your neck, there are plenty of other styles available that are designed to support your head and allow you to relax as you travel.


If you want a change to your usual work bag, a backpack can be incredibly useful. There are plenty on the market that have enough room for your laptop, and you can pop in notepads and other essentials.

So, which products will you choose for your next trip? Start creating your essential items list now so you can be fully prepared when you start travelling for work again.

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