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Bingo is Gaining Popularity Among Men

Bingo is Gaining Popularity Among Men

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As of late Bingo halls are buzzing across the UK, but due to things like the rise in online gambling, the smoking ban and that pesky old economic recession, the number of bingo halls have dropped since their boom period. However, this is just one side of the story and Bingo seems to still be a favourite among Brits.

The bingo scene has often been referred to as an event for older generations and for ladies in particular. The long-term stats back this up. Yet, these numbers may not be completely representative of the current bingo demographic as more males appear to be opening accounts with the likes of mFortune to play bingo. Is this just one of the new waves of activities crushing gender stereotypes? Let’s find out…

Why Online Bingo May Attract More Men?

Here are a few reasons why bingo may now be more appealing to the male population.

Private Bingo

When it comes to image, often men like to preserve their masculinity and avoid situations that go against the grain. This may be why you are more likely to see a hen party at the bingo hall rather than a stag do! However, because bingo can now be played discreetly on a mobile device from anywhere, more men are not afraid to start playing – even if they have to shout ‘House’ in their own property.

Doctor’s Orders – Number Nine!

A study conducted by Southampton University found that bingo is good for mental stimulation and cognitive power. Who knew? Bingo proved to have the ability to improve memory and speed of thought. All this working for both genders. This could make a previously frowned upon hobby for blokes more appealing.

Online Casino Marketing

One of the other key reasons bingo is becoming a firm favourite among men is because of the way it’s being marketed by online casinos and other providers. Instead of directing marketing materials and campaigns to a female audience they are switching up these advertisements and straying away from the old-fashioned female-bingo-club content.

So, Are There More Male Bingo Players Now?

The short answer is yes. There are still more females and those in the older range of the generation who play bingo. However, the number of younger people and the number of men that have started playing bingo has increased. Although it may take some time for this to even out, the future looks more masculine for bingo, certainly the online variety.

If you are a man who wants to play bingo, don’t hesitate to head to your local bingo hall with your mates or if you want to keep it on the down-lo, download an online bingo app and be lucky.

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