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Bring That Festival Feel to Your Own Garden

Bring That Festival Feel to Your Own Garden

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Festival season is in full swing, with more choices than ever before for places to head to. But if you fancy bringing the party to you this summer, why not recreate that festival vibe in the comfort of your own garden? We’ve pulled together a few top tips to give your garden that Glasto feel in no time.

Al Fresco Dining

You can’t beat a bit of chowing down in the great outdoors come festival time and in the absence of an expensive food truck, you’re going to want to get your BBQ on. In an ideal world, a permanent brick built BBQ is a great addition to any garden, but failing that there are plenty of portable options that won’t break the bank. The main thing to consider is the grilling surface area, try and pick one with plenty of room then you can easily separate the meat from the vege options and prevent squabbles. BBQ pizza ovens have come down massively in price as of late. These are just paced on top of a hot BBQ to cook delicious homemade pizza.

Chill Out Area

Things can get a bit hectic at festivals as they can with life at home, so why not recreate a chill-out area so you can get all zen and recharge the batteries. Start with getting a small gazebo to give some respite from the sun. Although to protect from all the elements make sure to secure with some gazebo weights from Garden Camping so your area doesn’t blow away. Here you want soft furnishings, a few outdoor beanbags are ideal for a bit of a lounge. The area is best situated nestled in the corner of the garden away from the action, ideally sectioned off with a bamboo screen.

Get Illuminated

For that true festival feel the right lighting is essential. There are tons of options out there from long strings of outdoor bulbs that can be hung across your garden attached to the top of fence panels. Or battery powered LEDs that can add some colour and various effects to change the mood to suit the music. Fairy lights will work perfectly for your chill-out zone.

Pump Up the Volume

You know we were going to get round to the music, one of the key elements for any fest. Not everyone has a set of decks they can wheel out to the garden, so the best bet is to invest in a solid wireless waterproof speaker, something robust enough to be dropped and keep pumping out the tunes with good battery life and a decent audio quality that can handle some serious bass. With portable speakers, as with most things in life, you tend to get what you pay for.

Add Some Sparkle(rs)

At the end of most big events and headline performances you often see big pyrotechnics displays. But if you’re clean out of fireworks (since bonfire night is long gone), why not break out some sparklers once the sun starts to set on your home festival. Cheap and very cheerful they bring a smile to faces of any age.

Be a Firestarter

A festival just aint a festival without a good old fire. Walk round any festival campsite and you’ll see logs blazing in the midsummer twilight. For the proper fest experience at home invest in a good fire basket and a few bags of seasoned wood that won’t end up smoking you out and ending the party early.

Make Your Own Stone Circle

If you’ve partied hard into the night and your neighbours have managed to hold off complaining about the noise you might want to end the perfect festival sesh by watching the sun come up, and where better to do it from than your own private stone circle. You don’t need the huge sarsen stones you might see at Stonehenge, but small pieces of sandstone would be ideal. The best place to find them is by checking out where your nearest reclamation yard is. Here you’ll find plenty of stone to create a mini tourist attraction.

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