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Coats Every Man Should Own Throughout His Lifetime

Coats Every Man Should Own Throughout His Lifetime

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No man’s wardrobe is complete without a suitable selection of coats. At winter, this requirement becomes even more pressing; your coat will more or less determine the way you look, and it’ll help to keep the cold weather at bay, in the process. Let’s take a look at five must-have coats for men, and see what makes each of them worthwhile.


A gilet is a form of sleeveless jacket that’s roaring back into vogue. Gilets are great mostly because of their flexibility; they’ll slide neatly over a thin jacket, or they’ll sit just beneath a thicker coat. In this sense, you can think of them as a kind of puffy waistcoat. Being that they don’t take up much room in your wardrobe, you might go for a selection of them to match a range of occasions.


Few varieties of coat are quite like the trench. It’s practical, great to look at, and it’s been made famous, in its various guises, by films as diverse as Casablanca and The Matrix. For our money, it’s the classic, neutral-shaded trench that’ll get the most action. They’ll repel rain and keep your clothes nicely dry, even when the raindrops are flying in from a near-horizontal angle. Pair it with a trilby hat for the best effect.


When the weather outside becomes really frightful, you’ll need a heavy winter coat that’s up to the task. A great parka should be entirely waterproof and equipped with a snug fur (or faux-fur) lining. As well as being immensely practical, Parkas have a timeless style. The design has been consistently popular for decades, and it’s unlikely to go out of style any time soon!


The classic bomber jacket can be heavy-duty, though most are lightweight enough to be worn in spring or even summer. Bomber jackets are, almost by definition, made from rugged leather. The best will withstand all of the nicks and scrapes that your travels might inflict, and then come back for more. After all, they were popularised by bomber pilots, so had to be built to last!

Denim Jacket

Nothing exudes casualness and confidence quite as much as a denim jacket. It’ll work nicely as a stylish finishing touch for whatever you’re wearing, and thus it’s a staple of quality menswear. There are a range of shapes and silhouettes to choose from, ranging from loose designs to sharper fitted ones. Ideally, it should still have a little bit of give when the buttons are done up – you don’t want something that’s so restrictive that you can’t breathe. Try to avoid pairing your jacket with jeans, unless you’re absolutely sure you know what you’re doing.

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