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Creating a Beautiful Small Bathroom

Creating a Beautiful Small Bathroom

So, the bathroom in your house is a little tired, and perhaps a little bijou. You’ve known for some time you need to update things a little and create something that doesn’t make visitors run a mile from your house after using it. Luckily small can indeed be beautiful, so even if you’re a bit challenged for space we’re here to show you how to maximise those millimetres and create the desirable bathroom you always wanted.

Free Up Floor Space

Clutter is a killer in a small bathroom. It’s easy to cram in extraneous objects that wouldn’t even necessarily belong in there. Stick to wall mounted furniture and fixtures to fill up your walls rather than your floor. You’ll get the illusion of more space and it’ll give you a level up when it comes to cleaning things.

Terrific Tiles

For an extra sense of space in a bathroom, reflective surfaces are the way forward. We’re talking tiling guys. Glossy ceramic tiles are perfect here, apart from making any bathroom much more stylish they also help create a more open feel. The trick is to use a light colour such as white or cream on the walls, then a darker tome on the floor, such as grey slate or back and white patterned tiles.

Houseplant Heaven

We’ve always been big advocates of getting plenty of plants into your houses for a healthier living space. Bathrooms can be tricky environments for plants with changing temperatures and humidity levels and not always having natural light. But there are still plants that are more than happy living here that you can use to make your beautiful new bathroom a green space.

Aloe Vera plants are perfect as they need very little light and the humidity from your bathroom should be enough to keep your plant alive with minimal watering. Bamboo is another low maintenance option as you can just place the stalks in a vase filled with pebbles and water. Or you could go with a spider plant, easy to care for and they can remove odours and fumes from the air.

Baths Are Beautiful

For ease of use most of us grab a quick shower when we need to get a wash. But you can’t beat a bath when it comes to getting really clean with a proper soak in the tub. It’s much better for your skin and plus you can’t float a rubber duck in a shower, can you? Why not check out a Bathroom Luxuries small freestanding bath where you’ll find options for the most suitable tub.

Mirror Mirror

Every bathroom needs a mirror. Even if you don’t want to stare at that weary visage first thing in the morning. As with the tiles tip, it helps to create a further sense of space. We advise getting yourself a nice mirrored bathroom cabinet, then you can kill two birds with one stone by having storage space for all your bathroom objects and a mirror to boot.

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