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Cruise Essentials: How To Pack And What To Organise Before You Climb On Board

Cruise Essentials: How To Pack And What To Organise Before You Climb On Board

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In recent years, we’ve seen the popularity of cruises explode in popularity, with more and more people opting to take to the seas and explore the world’s wonderful coastlines for their annual holiday.

However, a cruise is slightly different from your average holiday. You won’t be on a beach or in a city, but instead floating on the open ocean. This means planning, preparing, and packing for a cruise is different too. Check out this guide to learn what to pack and organise before you board the ship for your cruise adventure.

Where Are You Heading?

One of the best things about a cruise, and one of the reasons they are such an increasingly popular holiday option, is that they give you the chance to go just about anywhere.

You can tour around the southern coasts of Europe and the Mediterranean, or to the north and into the impressive Nordic fjords. You can visit the Caribbean, or explore the coast of South America. The truly adventurous can brave the Drake Passage and set foot on the icy seventh continent, Antarctica.

Where you decide to go on your cruise holiday will influence what you need to pack and bring with you. If you are heading somewhere warm and sunny, you’ll need clothes to cope with the heat. Shorts, t-shirts, and sunglasses are probably the best things for those weather conditions. Don’t forget to pack sunblock, this is essential for protecting your skin against the sun’s rays, which can prevent you from developing sunburn.

If you’re heading somewhere colder, to explore the fjords or catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, for example, your packing process is not going to be the same. Your going to need to wrap up warm, with a heavy jacket, hat, and gloves. The inside of your cabin might be warm and cosy, but you’re going to need to brave the cold and stand out on the deck to see the best of the sights.

Make Your Travel Arrangements

Depending on where you are going, you could depart from any number of different cities. Common departures take place from Southampton, Liverpool, and Amsterdam, so you’re going to need to figure out how you’re going to get to your departure city.
You might need to fly, in which case you will also need to make travel arrangements like a private cab or a lift from family or friends for getting from the airport to the harbour. This all needs planned carefully, and you must leave yourself plenty of time, taking into account potential traffic delays, to ensure you get there on time and do not miss the ship leaving the dock.

Have You Got Insurance?

Before you even start to think about packing for your upcoming cruise holiday, one of the first things you need to think about is insurance.

If something were to happen that resulted in you requiting medical assistance, the costs of transporting you to a hospital could be quite expensive especially when this is coming out of your pocket.

Insurance for cruise holidays can protect you against this, covering the cost of medical bills and related expenses. In addition, specialist cruise insurance can protect you against some of the unique risks you can see on a cruise, such as missing a departure or being confined to your cabin.

Organising and booking insurance ahead of your trip will allow you to enjoy your cruise with peace of mind.


If you’re heading off on a cruise, there are a number of things you need to consider if you want to make the most out of your trip. Remember to get travel insurance, pack the appropriate clothing, and make travel arrangements for getting to the dock.

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