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How to Properly Care for your Car

How to Properly Care for your Car

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A car is a major investment and one that should be looked after. By committing to the right maintenance routine, and developing the right little habits, you’ll be able to do precisely this. You’ll save money, enjoy a better driving experience, and you might not have to expend as much effort as you think!


After the first three years of your car’s lifespan, you’re legally obliged to get an MOT test every year. But it’s often worth going a stage further and opting for a full service as well. This will help you to keep the car in optimal working order and to identify faults before they have a chance to deteriorate and cause problems.

You don’t have to go back to the dealership you bought the car from to get a service. Most garages will carry out a service if you ask. Bear in mind that car services come in many different degrees of thoroughness. So it’s worth asking exactly what you’re going to get.


When it comes to motoring, it’s worth planning for the worst, even if you’re hoping for the best. You want to be sure that you’re protected in the event of a collision. This means carrying around the proper emergency supplies, and that you’re insisting on seatbelt-wearing. You should also be shopping for an appropriate insurance policy. Third-party insurance is the bare legal minimum, but you might protect your investment by going for something more comprehensive.

Safe Driving

The way that you drive will have a significant impact on your chances of being involved in a collision. Moreover, it might make the difference between a car that wears out prematurely, and one that lasts the distance. After you’ve passed your test, it’s easy to slip into bad habits – and correcting them often means paying attention to the way that you’re driving, and making a conscious effort to improve.

For the most part, good, safe driving means looking ahead, anticipating what’s going to happen on the road, and driving slowly enough that you can react to it. Driving slowly also means that your brakes and tyres won’t wear out as quickly. It’s not only better for your car – it’s also better for the environment.

Regular Cleaning

Dirt and grime isn’t just a cosmetic issue – it’ll also affect the performance of your car. You’ll want to make a list of cleaning tasks, and make sure you spend an hour or so every month dealing with them. You might top up fluids, change filters, or treat your interior to a deep clean. If you’re in the habit of cleaning your car, you’ll be more likely to notice small problems that might develop over the years.

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