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How Vaping Differs from Smoking Cigarettes

How Vaping Differs from Smoking Cigarettes

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The use of e-cigarettes is a very common thing nowadays. If you are unfamiliar with it, this is what is also known as vaping. There are many people who may be interested in quitting normal cigarettes and vaping but they lack sufficient information on the difference between the two.

So, what are some of the things that makes vaping different from smoking cigarettes? Is vaping a safer alternative to smoking regular cigarettes? And how are the two similar? It’s possible to learn more through the Ecig Click website, or online through a little research. Here we look at the differences between regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

Here are facts on how vaping differs from smoking cigarettes:


One of the biggest differences between e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes is the composition of the smoke produced. Tobacco smoke is known to contain thousands of chemicals, a big contrast to the smoke produced by e-cigarettes.

Even though the two contain nicotine, vaping is much safer than cigarette smoking. All the ingredients of e-liquids are safe to ingest, as opposed to the smoke produced by tobacco cigarettes as over 70 of the chemicals produced in this smoke is known to be harmful.


The smell of smoke is distinct and lingers in a room or in the environment for quite some time. The people who smoke regular tobacco cigarettes may not notice the smell as they’ve become somewhat desensitized to it, but for the non-smokers, they can recognize that smell even for hours after a smoking session. This is not the same for the e-cigarettes.

As for the vapor, it can be thick and stay in the room for quite some time but the smell is pleasant and does go away much quicker than the tobacco smoke.


Another difference between smoking and vaping is the kind of residue left behind. Smoking will stain walls, fabrics, and furniture. This is caused by the availability of tar in tobacco smoke. There are other byproducts of tobacco smoke such as carbon monoxide. This gas works with tar to stain your walls in yellow tint.

As for vaping, a blurry, thin coating on glass can be formed but this is known to clear very quickly. It does not stain your walls, clothes, and furniture as tobacco smoke does.


This is another factor that brings out the difference between tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes. When resting, the temperature of tobacco coal is around 600 C and can rise to up to 900 C when one is taking a puff. Another thing is that smoke can rapidly reach room temperature when it is inhaled.

As for e-cigarettes, the vapor is produced at much lower temperatures. It is not higher than 200 C. This means that the vapor produced is much cooler and comes out at a temperature that is lower than room air or the surrounding air.

The above are some of the easily noticeable differences between smoking and vaping. It would also be true to say that e-cigarettes are much cooler to carry around than traditional tobacco cigarettes. You do not have to buy many sticks of cigarettes as the e-cigarettes are only refilled.

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