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Is it Too Late to Stop Climate Change?

Is it Too Late to Stop Climate Change?

The earth on fire

The carbon footprint levels have crossed 390 parts per million, that’s the portion of Co2 in the atmosphere, and unfortunately, that’s nowhere near the expected values. Yes, climate change is happening. The sea levels are rising around the world. The earth is getting hotter, and temperatures are rising each year. It’s a reality that people would soon be living in unhabitable zones, where they can no longer survive. However, is it already too late for us to change things?

Geos Institute is an Oregon-based nonprofit firm that educates and prepares people for climate change. The institution discloses that this level of unsustainable carbon emission will have catastrophic consequences.

Is a Sustainable Future a Myth?

With the intolerable 390-ppm footprint and it being seemingly impossible to get the levels down to 275-ppm as once hoped, is there an achievable target?

New evidence led scientists to reach a consensus of reducing the figure to a target of 350 ppm if we wish to protect the planet. According to NASA Climatologist James Hansen reaching this limit will affect the overall age of the planet in a significant way. He says that to have a planet “similar to the one on which civilization developed and to which life on earth is adapted” reducing the CO2 level down to at least 350-ppm becomes necessary.

Is the End of the World Close?

If the footprint continues increasing, or even stays where it is now, the end of the planet is closer than humans anticipate. Some scientists are of the mind that it may not be possible to avoid some form of apocalypse, but with balanced greenhouse gas emissions, we can limit the worst effects of Climate Change.

A Two-Step Approach

We must follow a two-step approach to save our planet from the appalling climate change. The two steps include;

  1. Mitigation
  2. Adaptation


This step alleviates the flow of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It will not only reduce pollution but also bring down the carbon footprint and reducing damaging effects on the planet.


A major part to play for our and future generations will include adapting. Adapting and learning to live with the climate change that we have already set in motion.

Is there a Solution?

There’s no catch-all solution to prevent further ecological issues, but maintaining the CO2 level will undoubtedly help ease the situation. The carbon emissions have climbed their way to the level where signs of catastrophic climate change has become inevitable.

Carbon emissions continue to reach new heights along with the temperatures, but will it stop? Or more importantly, can it stop?
Would an immediate end to the emission of greenhouse gases prevent global warming?

Not right away, as the earth’s reaction to change is not instantaneous. It takes several years for the planet to adapt to the change in carbon emissions. This is why even with an instant switch, the temperature will continue to rise for several decades until it reaches 0.6 degrees.

This time lag becomes the main reason to set the change into motion right away. If not, it may be too late to stop climate change. And this time, there won’t be any way to overpower its deadly effects.

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