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The Weekly Roundup

The Weekly Roundup

From the best content on The MALESTROM over the past seven days, to the funniest clips we’ve seen, not to mention the choicest of reading from the whole width of the world wide web, here’s our weekly roundup.


Our resident man in the know Peter Spencer takes a look at the latest goings on (read: carnage) in Westminster in his new weekly column Read More

We had the pleasure of catching up with Britain’s top personal trainer Dan Roberts to chat about his brand new transformation program NUK SOO Read More

We’ve got a New Year film selection to motivate and help ease you through what for many has become a dry, meatless month Read More

Photographer Sean Hawkey takes us behind the lens to the controversial surroundings of the ‘migrant caravan’ on the Mexican/America border, to offer some perspective and a window into the lives of those affected Read More

One from the archive, and in line with all things New Year, New You. Take a look at our interview with brain training mastermind Tony Buzan and take control of those thoughts Read More


What We’ve Been Reading

All the best bits from this year’s Golden Globes, as the small screen stars joined the big screen icons for an evening of self-indulgence (Huffington Post) Read More

Offices grow brains – the workplace of the future is set to be unveiled in Berlin this year as Artificial Intelligence creeps ever closer to world domination, sounds kind of cool though (Reuters) Read More

New Year means New Music. Here are 20 albums to look out for in the coming months (Dazed) Read More

Fashion conscious friends take note, here are the 15 Menswear brands you really should know about right now (The Guardian) Read More

The greatest British sportsman of them all? After a lifetime of punishing his body, Andy Murray is set to put the racket away for good, legend (The Independent) Read More

LA club promoter Pantera Sarah reveals her personal collection of photos featuring some of Hollywood’s biggest names back in the pre-social media age (The Hollywood Reporter) Read More

Veganuary: A study by the University of Oxford looked at the environmental impact of different milk alternatives to determine which has the least effect on the planet (BBC News) Read More

Clips of the Week

This wonderful and inspiring speech from Donald Trump to college graduates back in 2004 resurfaced and, well, the timing couldn’t be better.

Glentoran goalkeeper Elliott Morris scores 70-yard free kick in an Irish Premiership match with Institute and celebrates like a goalkeeper who’s just scored a 70-yard free kick.

A brilliant if slightly long interview as The Sopranos cast reunites for their 20thanniversary.

Deal or No Deal? How many times can you say deal? Not as many as Theresa May – Deal, deal, deal, deal… Watch Clip


Amateur boxing coach Jerry Mitchell

Have a look at a short film we featured this week about renowned amateur boxing coach Jerry Mitchell who works at the Islington Boys Club training future fight champs Watch Now

Competition Time

We’ve got a great competition running till Wednesday to win 2 x VIP tickets for Jeff Wayne’s ‘The War of the Worlds’: The Immersive Experience worth £388!

Launching in May, Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience, is a layered reality multi-sensory immersive experience set across a vast 22,000sqft setting that combines Jeff Wayne’s iconic music, immersive theatre, virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms and other cutting-edge technology. Each visitor will step inside and participate in the alien invasion story of The War of The Worlds which has inspired and terrified generations.

Check out our Facebook page TheMalestrom HQ to enter. Full Ts & Cs HERE.

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