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Essential Tips for Travelling the World Solo

Essential Tips for Travelling the World Solo

A lot of men have a strong preference for solitude. Sure, we’re all social animals, but one of our distinctive traits is a need to make time to be alone, be it to contemplate or just relax. This innate need has arguably been the driving force behind some of the greatest odysseys of all time.

The 14th-century traveller Ibn Battuta, whose travels around Asia are widely documented, often described the solo journey as the closest thing to total freedom a man can experience. It’s this logic which drives so many to start solo trips of their own, exploring the world with nothing but a backpack and their own company. If you’re planning on a one-man odyssey, there’s a lot to consider.

Here are the essential tips for travelling the world solo in 2018.

Plan your route wisely

There are probably a million places you want to see and not enough time to see them. A solo journey could be across five countries or five continents, as long as it is planned properly. Your first consideration should always be time; how many places can you not just visit, but really get a feel for, in the time you have?

Try and do a minimum of three nights per spot, otherwise, you’re unlikely to learn much about your destination. Draw your journey on a map and plot out every single bit of transport you’ll be taking. There’s no point starting your journey in Thailand only to fly off to Canada two days later.

Most importantly, you’ll want to choose destinations which will benefit you the most, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. If you need some otherworldly assistance in determining the path you need to take, consider arranging some psychic readings from experienced clairvoyants who can help point you in the right direction. It might sound outlandish but psychics dispense advice on all kinds of topics, from careers to relationships.

Assess the risks

Men are fortunate in that they tend to be at considerably less personal risk than solo female travellers, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of dangers. Assess the risks of your journey long before stepping onto the plane. Go online to check out travel advice from the Foreign Office for each destination.

Find out if you need any special clothing or equipment for any of your destinations. Remember to be wary of strangers, especially local women who might approach you for no reason and pressure you to go with them to a private place. A prepared explorer knows exactly what risks they face the moment they leave the airport.

Remember the essentials

No matter where you’re going, there are some items which will come in handy anywhere. Make sure to have any emergency contacts, including numbers for your country’s embassy, written down and on your person at all time. A bumbag will also make robbery or losses much less likely. Make sure to get a data package that will allow you to use GPS and maps on your phone at all times.

If possible, obtain local currency before arriving at your destination. Bring a sturdy, comfortable pair of shoes that you would happily use for a hike. Prepare for all forms of weather, no matter how extreme. Once you’ve gotten these things in your backpack, there’s nothing else you really need.

If you’ve followed this advice, you’re ready to hit the road. If there’s any more wisdom you need, it’s to remember to live in the moment, and to put your phone away for the duration of the trip.

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