The new Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20 – Redefining the Sports Watch

Finding a watch that can stand up to the rigours and digital demands of an active man’s lifestyle isn’t the easiest of tasks. Not to mention we want something solid that wouldn’t look out of place on the wrist of your average Navy Seal. If your serious about fitness and sport, whether calculating the timing of your laps, reps, lengths or battling raging rapids in a kayak, then we might just have found a new sports time piece that you’ll need in your life.

The new Pro Trek WSD-F20 Smart Outdoor Watch from Casio is a watch to be reckoned with. It comes with an inbuilt GPS that’s designed for those who venture a little further afield and need an exact location anywhere in the world; so its perfect for mountaineers, cyclists, cross country runners, skiers, open water swimmers and adventurers of every persuasion. It’s been tested to military specifications, so no messing about here, it’s meant for when the going gets tough.

The Pro Trek WSD-F20 has a nice weight to it and is comfortable to wear. It’s water resistant to 5 bar, runs on Android Wear 2.0 and is equipped with a low-power GPS, it includes a neat digital camera and a series of apps for mapping and timing exactly where you are.  The GPS displays with an onscreen map can also be used offline, so you’ll know exactly where you are even when you’re out of mobile phone or internet range. Before you set out, the watch allows you to download maps for anywhere, so whether it be mountain biking in Spain, paddle boarding in Brazil, hiking in the hills or skiing in the Alps, so if you do get lost, you’ll have a route to find your way out of trouble. It also keeps a record of the course and speed of each distance you do via inbuilt software that let’s you add markers at any designated points, so if you need to backtrack or re-find your route, your covered.

For those outdoor adventures, there’s also an app that let’s you read the conditions, so you automatically receive alerts about environmental changes, air pressure and altitudes, or even if you want the tides, sunrise and sunsets for each country. If you’re out riding or skiing with a mate who’s also wearing a Pro Trek, you can also text each other before you film your adventure and upload it to YouTube. There’s a choice of black and orange, both looking pretty darn cool. As sports watches go, we can’t see many others troubling the Pro Trek WSD-F20 this year.

You can check out all the info and where to get hold of one HERE

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