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5 Unique Gift Ideas for the Kid Who Has Everything

5 Unique Gift Ideas for the Kid Who Has Everything

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Dads want to get the coolest gifts for their kids, but what do you get the kid who has everything? If you are racking your brain to figure out what presents to buy, we’ve got you covered with some unique, out-of-the-box ideas. Whether you’ve got children who want to save the planet, are super into science or history, want to adopt all the animals, or considers themselves a fashion diva, these gifts will surely be a hit.

For the Eco-Warrior

It may be tempting to buy the latest plastic toy that everyone is raving about, but since you are a cool dad, how about buying a “green toy” made from recycled materials? One forward-thinking company is making waves with their toys made from recycled plastic milk bottles. Green Toys are committed to creating safe, BPA-free, eco-friendly toys that also come in fully recyclable packaging. If you have young children, they will love all the options, which are specially designed for small hands. They won’t even be able to tell the difference from their plastic counterparts.

For the Science Geek

STEM toys are all the rage and for good reasons. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math — these toys build problem-solving skills, concentration, critical thinking and more awesome skills kids need. If your kid loves to experiment and you want to nurture the love of science, get them a chemistry set. This Explosive Experiments kit will gain you major cool points because what kid doesn’t like to explode things! It includes a 32-page lab notebook to record and guide your experiments along with equipment and ingredients to make several fun and wacky activities. Just don’t forget to provide safety goggles!

For the History Buff

Little Black Forest ClockIs your kid into history and Old World charm? Or maybe you’ve taken a family holiday to the Christmas markets in Germany? You’ve probably never thought of this, but an original German cuckoo clock is fun for the whole family. This timeless piece of functional art is hand-crafted with sustainable wood from the Black Forest. There are so many options to choose from — some even have musical tunes so you can pick one of your child’s favourites. If the classic Black Forest house clock doesn’t go with your decor, choose one of the modern cuckoo clocks and you’ll be the hippest dad on the block!

For the Girly-Girl

If you have a fashion diva in the family who loves clothes, shoes, jewellery, makeup and all things girly, why not get her a jewellery making kit? This nourishes their creative side while doing something fun. There are so many great sets to choose from, but we especially like the Lollibeads Make Charm Bracelets kit that comes with enough charms, beads and bobbles to make thirty-five bracelets. Making jewellery is also an awesome activity to do at slumber parties, which will make your daughter a hit with all her friends.

For the Animal Lover

Adopting a companion animal is not something every parent can do at Christmas. Having a pet is a huge responsibility that you might not be ready for, so buying a robot pet is the next best thing! This Robotic Hedgehog is fun to build with your child, then use clapping sounds to get it to walk, roll over, sleep and more. If you want to go big, this remote control spider is unbelievably cool. Whatever you choose, robot technology has greatly improved and will be a huge hit with your kids.

Robotic Spider

Our list of unique gifts will help you choose the perfect thing for that kid who has everything.

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