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Natural Skincare: Beat Tired Winter Skin With Our Go to Guide

Natural Skincare: Beat Tired Winter Skin With Our Go to Guide

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Winter plays havoc with the skin, freezing temperatures, the lack of sunshine, the central heating that sucks that precious moisture out of you, all contribute towards less than fantastic looking faces in these chilliest of months. Men often neglect their skin regardless, but there’s so many great products out there that will leave you with visages as soft as a kitten and as smooth as Lionel Richie. So give some of these brilliant lotions and potions a whirl and you can become a skincare psycho with a routine worthy of Patrick Bateman himself.

The Face Scrub – Sukin Supergreens Detoxifying Facial Scrub

Australia’s No.1 natural skincare brand Sukin, have been providing affordable, environmentally friendly skincare solutions for over a decade now. This super food rich scrub containing, kale, spirulina and parsley will gently exfoliate the skin while brightening the complexion leaving you feeling as smooth as the proverbial baby’s backside.

The Moisturiser – Neals Yard Men’s Rejuvenating Moisturiser

What the good people at Neal’s Yard don’t know about skincare, probably isn’t worth knowing. This line reducing antioxidant-rich moisturiser is suitable for all skin types and will give a daily dose of organic packed goodness, that’ll have the missus raiding your bathroom cabinet in the wee early hours.

The Serum – Brickell Repairing Night Serum

Considered one of the best face serum’s on the market, Brickell promise to significantly reduce the appearance of lines and any other unsightly signs of aging. Containing big-hitting ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C this overnight miracle worker will firm and tone while reducing inflammation, thanks to the organic laden mix of natural ingredients. Seeing yourself in the mirror the next morning will be like looking at an old school photo.

The Oil – Dr Jacksons Face Oil

Dr Jackson’s legacy of using only plant based, scientifically researched natural products has resulted in a luxurious skincare range and this versatile daily moisturising oil blend is the perfect pick me up for all skin types. Ideal for problematic skin, extracts of baobab, marula, calendula and arnica will fight imperfections and even out skin tone for a resplendent, clear complexion.

The Eye Cream – Kiehls Age Defender Eye Repair

Kiehls’ are pretty much market leaders when it comes to straightforward male skincare solutions, and if you wake up with the look of a man who’s just binge watched the last season of Peaky Blinders then this eye cream may prove to be a worthwhile investment. Say goodbye to sagging skin, dark circles and crow’s feet (sounds like a witches’ potion) and hello to bright eyed, bushy tailed youthfulness, it’s all in the rye seed extract – who knew?

The Face Wash – Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream

This gentle deep cleansing daily cream is about as good natural face washes get. With their commitment to 100% organic, natural, vegan even ingredients, your environmentally sustainable grooming approach will know no bounds once you discover the delights of Dr H. This really is a top notch cleanser that’ll see a marked improvement in skin texture and tone with regular use.

The Cleanser – Waitrose Cleansing Powder

One from the left of field, supermarket Waitrose have their own skincare range, that offers simplistic, affordable products. This daily cleanser won’t break the bank, in fact it won’t even break the penny jar. This creamy powder is a great daily cleanser that will leave the skin feeling clean and refreshed without the tightness. You’ll look radiant and revitalised in no time.

The Shave Cream – Daimon Barber, Honeybee Complex & Propolis Shave Cream

UK based brand Daiman Barber are in many ways the new kids on the block, but their innovative approach to skincare has seen them catapult up the grooming ladder. Using ingredients sourced solely from the UK, there’s no nasty chemicals or parabens to be concerned with and this ultra rich shaving cream containing a mix of soothing oil blends and the moisturising filagrinol (filaggrin is a protein made by skin cells) is a bonafide belter in the shaving department.

The Toner – L:A Bruket No.099 Face Toner

Independent Swedish skincare trailblazers L:A Bruket take inspiration from the vast array of natural ingredients that surround their coastal habitat. With an organic-only approach, the natural ingredients in their products offer a soothing, rebalancing effect and this must-have toner is the perfect post shave, post sun, post windswept all rounder, that will refresh, nourish and replenish the skin.

The Mask – Anthony Deep Pore Cleansing Clay

In the world of clay masks there’s only really two ingredients you need be concerned with, the ancient detoxifying powerhouses that are Kaolin and Bentonite powder. Known to soak up and remove impurities and grease like a microfiber cloth on dust, this deep cleansing mask from Anthony Logostics contains them both, and a weekly dose will leave you looking like the cat that got the cream for days after use.


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