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What We’ve Been Reading: The Links

What We’ve Been Reading: The Links

Colin Kaepernick - Nike

What we’ve been reading this last week, here’s the links.

Eating Pizza Hut in Beijing. Random family traditions – Flying 6,000 miles to eat Hawaiian pizza with an elderly grandmother. ( Read More

The NFL is back but what about OBJ? He’s spent much of the last year recovering from injury, but he remains one of the sports biggest stars, thanks in much to “that catch”, what’s next for OBJ? (ESPN) Read More

The Many Ways You’re Being Influenced. The ‘Nudge Theory’ explained – how our day to day lives are being influenced in some of the most surprising ways. (BBC Radio 4) Read More

Megafires and Trumps Stance on Climate Change. A summer of higher than average temperatures and strong winds mean megafires are destroying thousands of acres of woodland in the US. (The New Yorker) Read more

Standing Up for Colin Kaepernick. Nike shows its support for Kaepernick. Abandoned by the game he loves, the first man to kneel during the pre-game NFL ritual of the national anthem is now the face of Nike and Trump along with some crazy white dudes aren’t happy. (CNN) Read More

The Unsustainable World of Sustainable Eating. Making the right choices for the environment isn’t easy, but what if you’re doing more harm than good? (The Guardian) Read More

When Burt Reynolds had a Fight on the Tonight Show. Good old Burt, tributes have poured in, but one moment that deserves remembering is his time he lost it on the Tonight Show. Anything can and will happen on live TV. (Esquire) Read More

Fahrenheit 11/9 in Review. Michael Moore is back and unsurprisingly he’s pulling no punches. (Den of Geek) Read More

Alastair Cook’s Career in Numbers. The Chef has called it a day, and while he might not have been the easiest on the eye at times, his records deserve some serious recognition. (Sky Sports) Read More

The Reign of the Scumbro, the art of dressing badly. Dressing badly is in vogue for A-List males – Yawn! (The Guardian) Read More

Peter Crouch, an Aston Martin, and Roy Keane. The loveable, lanky, footballer you’d most like to go for a pint with, recalls becoming a twat. ( Read More

Jim Carrey’s New Series ‘Kidding’. A closer look at funnyman Carrey’s latest project, a TV series that showcases his often forgotten talents as an actor. (Vox) Read More

Fasting for Longevity. Want to live a longer, healthier more fulfilling life? You might want to consider the ancient tradition of fasting. (USA Today) Read More

Putting the Horror in Horror. Mark Kermode breaks down the classic conventions and tricks of the trade, that make for the perfect scarefest. (BBC Arts) Read More

September on Netflix. The nights are drawing in, no please stop! that means one thing binging box sets, here’s what’s coming up on Netflix. (Vodzilla) Read More

The Rolling Stones limited-edition Cricket Bat. Now we’ve heard old Mick is a fan of bat on ball, but what the hell is this? Don’t care we want one. (Wisden) Read More

What do we know about Great Whites? Not very much. How many are there? How do they mate? Where do they give birth? Where do they disappear to? The ocean’s most iconic fish is still a mystery. (National Geographic) Read More

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