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Where are the Most Expensive Places to Eat and Drink Around the World?

Where are the Most Expensive Places to Eat and Drink Around the World?

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When you are travelling, food and drink prices can start to add up. Between beer, fast food, fine dining and everything in between, food and drink can be even more expensive than your accommodation.

Make sure to research and compare prices across the world before you set off. It’s vital that you know what to expect before indulging – and getting a nasty surprise on your bill. According to Hoppa, the most expensive and cheapest cities to buy food and drink are as follows:

Alcoholic drinks

The Middle East is by far the most expensive place to drink. A bottle of wine in Dubai will cost you £24 on average. This comes as no surprise with Dubai’s strict rules around alcohol. Tourists must drink in licensed clubs, bars and hotels in the city. The most popular beer in Dubai is the heavily-taxed Dutch and Belgian beers.

Doha in Qater is the most expensive place to buy a pint of beer at a wallet-emptying £9. It will come as no surprise that Ibiza is home to the world’s most expensive cocktails at £15.35 each.

If you’re after a budget option, Benidorm offers the eighth cheapest bottle of wine at £4.46 – bargain! You can also save on Benidorm transfers from the airport to your destination with companies such as Hoppa.

Make sure to save where you can while travelling!

For an even better budget option, you can get a pint of beer for 88p in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. No wonder South-East Asia is known for its moonlight parties!


When you are travelling from place to place, getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always possible. Lucky for you, you can get a cup of coffee in Kiev, Ukraine for 96p.

Although, the Middle East strikes again with a £5.22 coffee in Abu Dhabi. Ouch!

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Fine dining for two

Ukraine is also home to the cheapest fine dining in the world. You can get two meals for £10 – talk about a cheap date.

Unfortunately, it will cost you £60 for fine dining in Zurich, Switzerland. Let’s hope the food is delicious at that price point.

Fast food

Did you know that McDonald’s prices vary across the world? A Big Mac will cost you a whopping £10 in Caracas, Oslo and Zurich. It seems like Zurich is an overachiever on the expensive cities list.

However, it will only cost you £2.43 for a Big Mac in Ukraine.

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Remember to research, compare and know the average price of food and drink in your destination before you set off. You can save on the small things!

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