Is the End of the World Happening This Year?

So The MALESTROM thought it’d cheer you up this Monday with some fun World War 3 predictions from noted mystics, one from someone with a serious track record in the seeing the future department. Many of us will have heard about these famed prognosticators through the ages, with the power to see into the future, giving us often terrifying tit-bits into what lies ahead in years to come.

Most famously there was Nostradamus the French seer whose prophesies in the 1500s foretold the coming of Hitler (or ‘Hister’ as he said at the time) and many other freakishly uncanny truths which still resonate deeply today. There was also the ‘mad monk’ Rasputin a Russian mystic who became very influential in the Royal Court of Tsar Nicholas II. And more recently special mentions for that World Cup octopus and the living legend that is groundhog Punxsutawney Phil who every February 2nd predicts an early Spring or six more weeks of Winter (usually wrongly, sorry Phil).

The first visionary in question here is a blind Bulgarian woman named Baba Vagna, known as the ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans’. She died aged 85 in 1996 and left behind her a string of spookily accurate predictions that can be interpreted with very little imagination to signpost the likes of the Chernobyl disaster, 9/11, and even Brexit.

Late blind Balkan mystic Baba Vagna sits down in a dark coat with a bunch of flowers behind her

Mystic Baba Vagna

The most prescient of prophecies for us right now are the ones she made before her death about the use of chemical weapons leading to the advent of a global conflict. She said the chemical attacks (such as recently seen in Syria) would take place in 2016, so she may be a year out, but with itchy trigger fingers from Kim Jong-Un and the sanity bereft Donald Trump, there may be good reason to fear that Mrs Vagna might be close to the truth of a WW3 taking place. She correctly predicted that the 44th President, Barack Obama would be African American, so like we say track record.

Adding further weight to our worries is the fact she’s not the only one who claims to have seen the imminent start of another large scale war. Horacio Villegas, a self proclaimed messenger of God, believes WW3 is set to start on the 100th anniversary of the visitation of Our Lady of Fatima, a title given to Jesus’s mother the Virgin Mary. He says Trump will start the war on May 13th, the anniversary of Mary appearing in the Portuguese village of Fatima in 1917, and that the conflict would go on for six months. So there’s a date to pop in your diary, maybe keep any appointments to a minimum that day.

And if you think the prospect of Nuclear War wasn’t bad enough it looks like what remains of life on Earth might be headed for an existence on another planet as Baba Vagna also predicted there will be war on Mars in 3005! Seems like it’s going to be another eventful millennium in the story of human history.

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