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Jon Jones Just Called out the Beast Brock Lesnar

Fight fans are already licking their lips for the upcoming superfight that is Mayweather v McGregor, but last night in Anaheim, Calafornia at UFC 214 after the controversial Jon Jones took down Daniel Cormier in the third round, we may just have seen the genesis of the biggest main-event match up UFC has ever seen.

After regaining the undisputed light-heavyweight title (one that was stripped from him two years ago) Jones spoke to interviewer Joe Rogan about the road he’s trodden to redeem himself saying,”I did a lot of right things to get back in this position. I tell you what, for anyone at home who let yourself down, let your family down, let your peers down, your coworkers down-it’s never over. As long as you never quit, it’s never over. I’m back here.”

Then with the mention of a name he made the crowd roar and turned his crosshairs on the living embodiment of a monster in the worlds of UFC & WWE …

“Brock Lesnar,”

Jones went on, “if you want to know what it’s like to get your ass kicked by a guy who weighs 40 pounds less than you, meet me in the Octagon.” Then after the newly popular trend of dropping the mic he was gone.

Now that there is fighting talk. If this happens, which it could, (there have been whispers from WWE insiders that Brock was looking to fight again) it will be a record breaking main-event, the largest in UFC history.

A potential mismatch? Let’s examine the evidence. On one hand we have 30-year old Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, perhaps the greatest to ever grace the octagon, but not without his well documented troubles. A string of incidents, such as his arrest for a hit-and-run in 2015, have tarnished the golden aura that he had long maintained after becoming the youngest ever UFC champ at the age of 23. A step up to heavyweight would be a tough move, but if there is someone with the prodigious talent to take it all in his stride it’s Jones.

On the flip side of the coin there’s ‘The Beast’ Brock Lesnar, no spring chicken at 40, but then again a genuine freak of nature specimen that belies his years. In terms of strength he’s unmatchable in the fight game, his sheer power is something Jones couldn’t hope to come close to. That being said the arsenal that Jones possesses, such as the kicks he rocked Cormier with last night, are far beyond the skills Lesnar has in his wheelhouse. Lets have a quick look at the tale of the tape. Jones stands at 6ft 4 in, weighing 205lbs, with a reach of 84.5 in. Brock is slightly shorter at 6ft 3 in, but potentially 60lbs heavier at 265lb, giving up a few inches to Jon on reach with 81 in. It’s not possible for the light heavyweight champ to get up anywhere close to Lesnar in terms of weight, but as we know it’s not about being the biggest dog in the fight.

One rather large elephant in the room over the fight taking place is the not so little matter that Brock still has six months to serve of his suspension for a positive drugs test in 2016, not an easy thing to get round, that’s a waiting game. There’s also the fact he’s contracted to WWE till spring 2018, although the companies mercurial owner Vince McMahon knows what’s best for business in the promotions department and you’d expect another dispensation, such as with Brock’s last fight could definitely be worked out.

Later in the night the Associated Press got a reply to Jones’ call out from Brock Lesnar, he simply said,

“Be careful what you wish for, young man”

So move over Mayweather and McGregor, it looks like there might be a new circus in town with the very real prospect of witnessing Bones versus Beast.

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