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AW18 Men’s Style Guide

AW18 Men’s Style Guide

Models on AW18 Men's catwalk

Resident style supervisor Natalie Wilson gives us the lowdown on what trends we should be aware of this Autumn/Winter with an overview of everything in vogue for the new season.

Often, the clothes that are showcased on runways during men’s fashion week typically don’t deserve the title of “clothes”. Usually full of gimmicks and tacky add-ons, men’s fashion isn’t as well received as women’s and it’s easy to see why.

One designer, for example, conjured an item made entirely from supermarket stock stickers – you don’t see that on the women’s runway.

Whilst some trends aren’t expected to gain any traction commercially, there are others in the upcoming AW18 collective that should definitely find their way into your wardrobe.

Statement Coats

There’s nothing better style-wise in the winter than wearing a good, tailored coat. It can take your outfit from casual to smart in an instant and this year there are so many statement coats available, you’ll struggle to choose one.

From oversized puffer jackets to a more unique hooded poncho, there’s a style that will suit everyone this season.

With different variants from size, colour, proportion, and length you may opt to get a few different styles to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe, but you should use bright colours and opt for coats with plaid patterns if you really want to stand out amongst the style crowd.

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Cream puffer jacket

A multicoloured poncho


Trainers Worn With Everything

If there’s one trend that we can get behind, it’s wearing trainers with everything. With some of the other great trends coming out this coming AW18 season, you’ll be able to pull this one off relatively easily.

During some of the runway shows, there were trainers paired with every single outfit that came out so you’ll definitely be bang on trend no matter what you choose.

Whether you switch yours up with tailored trousers or baggy sweatpants, no combination is wrong. Chunkier styled trainers are slightly tipping the style balance, with brands such as Prada and Nike Air Max launching new collections, but your old-faithful trainers are fine, too.

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Hi-tec Silver Shadow trainers

Nike Air Max



Everyone knew that this was going to be a huge trend throughout 2018, and the new AW18 collection proves that. Men’s streetwear clothing has become a statement feature in the fashion world lately, and it’s now clear that many designers and luxury brands are making the most out of the trend.

In the UK alone, there are numerous streetwear brands that have flourished under the bloom of this new trend. With classic streetwear and graphic t-shirts taking the style lead, hoodies, trainers, and bomber jackets are all set to be huge this coming season.

Mixing style and comfort, streetwear has come a long way from the classic matching hoodie and joggers combo, so much so that you can now wear streetwear or streetwear inspired clothing in almost every situation and scenario.

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Simple grey jogging pants

White t-shirt with Brooklyn Denim logo


Plaid Patterns

For the past few years, plaid has bobbed up and down in the style stakes. One year it’s on trend, the next it’s not. However, if you take just one thing away from this year’s AW season shows, it’s that plaid is here to stay, for this year at least.

It was typically the most common trend across all of the runway shows earlier this year. From plaid overcoats to streetwear, it seems as though it has been applied to literally every trend set to grace the market this year.

Plaid on plaid was a recurring theme, with one designer opting to choose three different styles in one outfit, so don’t be afraid to layer it up. But, if you choose to only buy one plaid item make it a classic lumberjack shirt.

It’s the white t-shirt of the plaid trend – you can wear it formally with a suit during the week or dress it down with jeans, trainers and a bomber jacket at the weekend. However you style it will be on trend, so don’t be afraid to embrace the plaid.

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Model wearing blue jeans and an oversized maroon overcoatModel wearing check shirt and baggy combat pants


Corduroy Trousers

It’s still here folks and gaining traction, yes,  you won’t be able to get enough of corduroy trousers in the autumn. In the Milan fashion shows especially, corduroy was a big focus for designers.

From the huge fashion houses to the small independents, they were all getting in on the corduroy trend. One noticeable difference between them all, however, was the thickness of the wales.

They’re typically a lot thicker than seen in previous seasons which make them a lot more texture-heavy. If you’re looking to get in on this trend, opt for light beige corduroy if you’re looking for something to bounce your patterns off.

Or go for a dark blue or black pair of trousers if you’re looking to wear something more casual. Corduroy trousers work well in both a tight and loose cut and are perfect for pairing with a suede bomber jacket or fitted denim jacket.

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Model wearing brown corduroy trousers

Model wearing green corduroy jacket


American Style

Another noticeably big trend for the AW18 season was the exploration of old American fashion styles. Whilst the typical cowboy styles of hats, boots, and denim were all frontrunners from many designers, a lot of them also chose to go after the more out-there goth and pop-punk style.

This clash of styles is something that may sound strange but, in reality, it’s genius. It proves that it’s not what you wear but the way that you wear it which counts this season. If you want to give this trend a go, then mix plaid overshirts with a printed gothic tee or corduroy trousers with a plaid or denim shirt.

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Blue denim shirt

Check shirt

Trousers In Every Cut And Style Imaginable

Trousers are set to be big in the coming seasons, both literally and metaphorically. Whilst most of the attention usually goes on the bigger trends rather than the old-faithful trends, this year there was plenty to talk about when it comes to trouser styles.

There are so many trouser styles set to be available next season that no singular trend dominated the runway. Whilst the more tailored looks were still popular, there were also a lot of cropped and baggy cuts and styles available.

There was practically every style and style of trouser imaginable at the fashion shows that this season you can wear whatever style you ever wanted from a pair of trousers.

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White ULLAC denim oversized jeansBlue short length denim jeans

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