True Detective Series 3 Gets the Green Light With an Exciting New Lead

The exciting news that True Detective Series 3 is finally going to happen has just been confirmed in Hollywood. The new series will come with a weighty new addition to its cast in the form of Oscar winning Moonlight star, Mahershala Ali, who’s set to take the lead.

Ali came to prominence with his charismatic and seminal role as Remy Stanton, the loyal aide to Kevin Spacey’s machiavellian Senator and then (spoiler alert) President in House Cards. He went on to win over cinema going audiences and the Academy of Motion Pictures to nab the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor with his brilliant turn as the drug dealing mentor, Juan, in the highly acclaimed, multi-award winning film, Moonlight.

Nicholas Pizzolato’s True Detective crime series has wooed audiences worldwide after the epic, ground breaking first series starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, playing cops Rust and Marty on the trail of a serial killer in the deep south of America. Series 2 with Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn in LA didn’t fair so well, and seemingly had as many critics as it did fans, with HBO firmly putting the brakes on any further episodes. So, the announcement this week that Series 3 is a go, and with such a skilled and charismatic actor as Ali onboard, is exciting news for fans.

The new season will centre around a series of macabre crimes in the Ozarks of Arkansas and Missouri, already the location of another MALESTROM top recommendation earlier in the year, Netflix’s Ozark, starring Jason Bateman, which incidentally has just been commissioned for a second run. Mahershala will play the lead role of state policeman Wayne Hays, tasked with investigating a spate of murders that play out over decades and through three different time periods, just like the first series. The new Director for the show has also been confirmed as Jeremy Saulnier, who gained huge critical acclaim for his dark, homeless, Indie revenge movie, Blue Ruin back in 2013. True Detective series author, Nic Pizzolato will also step behind the camera for the first time for this helming debut on this new season.

Passions and expectations are obviously running high for the fresh episodes as Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey and Series 1 Director, Cary Fukunaga are all returning as Executive Producers to try and ensure Series 3 hits the giddy heights of the heart pounding first instalment. It all sounds very promising.

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