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Trump One Year On? Meet the People that Gave him the Power

So it’s a year on from the Donald’s glorious victory in the U.S. election. A bizarre year in politics that has seen big talk, accusations poured on the press and revelations that you can still vaguely function as a human being when eating daily meals of a fillet o’ fish, two Big Macs and a chocolate shake. This short by Sean Dunne, shot entirely on mobile phones, takes a look at one of the early Donald Trump Presidential rallies and the kind of people that voted him into power. Lets call them an interesting bunch, in the interests of diplomacy that is, others may be slightly crueler about these fervent bunch of supporters. If you only watch one part skip to 11:18 a listen to the ‘old soul’, we wonder if Hilary’s rallies were packed with such an unusual lot?

Trump Rally by Sean Dunne on VIMEO