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What We’ve Been Reading: The Links

There’s so much going on in this crazy world we live in, it’s the age of information overload. What’s worth your precious time and what’s best left circling the world wide web? A professor tells us all how many chips we should eat, the most magical number in the Universe,the weird and wonderful jobs ex-pros have turned to and much more. Here are The Links.

Heavyweight Hype? Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury was a fight for the ages and an epic night of heavyweight boxing that’s not been seen in the US for many a year. (BBC Sport) Read More

What the weather map might look like in 2118. (BBC) Read More

The hit and miss world of American adaptations of Britain’s best comedy shows. (Vulture) Read More

An American man has reportedly been killed by an ancient tribe living on an island off the Indian Ocean. (NPR) Read More

Insects are dying at an alarming rate that should be a major concern for the rest of planet earth. (The New York Times) Read More

The trend for extreme close-ups is defining the current movie landscape. (Vulture) Read More

With the announcement that Australia won’t face any county teams before next years Ashes series, is the tradition of overseas touring dead? (The Independent) Read More

How the design and infrastructure of our cities is contributing to loneliness and mental health issues. (The Independent) Read More

Harvard Professor claims a portion of chips should equate to 6 per portion, which sounds like torture?? (The Independent) Read More

As a society, we’ve apparently never been busier or more stressed. Here are the secrets to getting the most out of your day from the most productive people you’ll likely meet. (Fast Company) Read More

Life after football, the weird and wonderful jobs ex-pros have turned to. (90 min) Read More

The Sport

Cold, wet and windy, winter is here. How to beat the seasonal blues. (The Jackal Magazine) Read More

How Brexit will affect the different regions of Britain (Metro) Read More

Why and how does the human brain build habits? (QZ) Read More

In a country with virtually no competitive players, how did Spanish badminton star Carolina Marín become a three times world champion and Olympic gold medallist? (The New York Times) Read More

Thought 7 was a lucky number? 137 might just be the most magical number in the universe. (How Stuff Works) Read More

Find out 6 Music’s albums of the year from those in the know. (BBC) Read More

The Wizard of Oz has been named the most influential film of all time. (The Guardian) Read More

Great news for Roald Dahl fans as Netflix expands its empire. (AV News) Read More

You might want to try the drive-through when you go and get your next Maccy Ds after traces of poo were found on every single touch screen in the country. (Metro) Read More

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