Psychic Who Predicted Trump & Brexit Makes Startling 2018 Forecast

Whether you believe in psychic powers or not there have been countless examples of figures throughout history who have come up with some spookily accurate predictions of events that have subsequently taken place. Most famous of all was French physician Nostradamus who was interpreted to have envisioned the 9/11 attacks and the coming of Hitler, or ‘Hister’ as he referred to him.

A British clairvoyant has recently made a bit of a name for himself forecasting some major incidents that have happened over the last few years. Craig Hamilton-Parker predicted Trump would become President, that Brexit would go ahead and also foresaw the Nice terror attack in France, although he failed to mention Leicester City’s Premier League triumph, but lets say he’s got some form. Following on from his previous success, he’s now made his predictions for 2018.

He begins his YouTube video looking to the future by saying 2018 will be, ‘a year of more political turmoil and we’ve seen a lot of bad weather things in 2017, but I think it’s going to get much worse… unprecedented weather.’ So far so bleak. Other highlights (if you can call them that) include North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un being deposed by his people, a terror attack on a British motorway, Prince Harry to get engaged and there will be a global flu epidemic. Cheery stuff then! Here’s Craig’s list in full, try not to have nightmares.

The UK

  • There will be a hard Brexit but, pressed by Germany, Europe will relent at the last moment and allow a trade deal. Junker loses face and ‘retires’. Britain strikes its own cross-border deal with Ireland despite objections from the EU.
  • There will be many strikes – urged on by Jeremy Corbyn – who will lose support from voters.
  • Theresa May will stay in power.
  • The UK will thrive despite world economic problems.
  • Many high-tech companies will move to Britain. Britain will lead the world in innovation and a new form of energy production will be discovered in 2018.
  • Prince Harry will announce his engagement.
  • A new political party will be formed.
  • There will be a terrorist attack on a British Motorway in which a gunman shoots people held up by a deliberate traffic accident.

The US

  • An attempt to impeach Donald Trump in mid 2018 fails. He becomes more popular as a result.
  • Donald Trump will initiate a massive trade deal with the UK in advance of Brexit that will shake the EU. The deal will concern arms, high tech services and the motor industry.
  • The Mexico border wall will not be built. It will instead be secured by drones and sensors.
  • The US will lose trade in the East as China and Russia form a military and economic alliance in response to the North Korean crisis and US protectionism.
  • An Explosion causes a US warship to sink. This could be a mine or a terrorist operation.
  • The dollar takes a tumble in February but will recover. US economy has problems with inflation and over-valued stocks. Google stocks fall.
  • Melania Trump together with the Trump grandchildren will release a song to help raise funds for a charitable cause.
  • The US will rent nuclear weapons to Japan.

The Environment

  • The eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the evacuation of Naples. Also there’s a serious earthquake in New Zealand. In fact, 2018 will see a general increase in seismic activity worldwide and in unexpected places that have been earthquake free for millennium.
  • The Southern seas will be impassable in places due to a massive break of an ice shelf in Antarctica.
  • Wild fires in California and Australia with flooding in India and China. More to come with record hurricanes in the Caribbean.

World conflict & terrorism 

  • A trade embargo with North Korea will fail. The US will strike at railway lines and bridges to disrupt imports. Hamilton-Parker also had a prophetic dream of four tall towers destroyed by jet fighters. saying they looked a bit like mosque minarets but on waking, I took them to be industrial, possibly bridge supports.
  • His own people will depose Kim Jong-un. His body is not found and some will claim that he survives and flees to hide in China.
  • Last year he predicted a ‘world flu epidemic’ toward the end of 2017 or start of 2018. He feels this could still happen and there may be a link to biological warfare seeded in multiple countries by North Korea working with a terrorist group.
  • America will make a big military commitment to Japan as the country’s pacifist mandate is withdrawn. Japan pays to hire American missile defense services.
  • Ukraine will be accused of the illegal sale of missiles and nuclear technology.
  • A massive Bitcoin fraud will be uncovered and thwarted that funds terrorism and war. A well-known American company will be involved in the scandal.

The Economy

  • An Italian Banking Crisis causes chaos in Italy and many will lose their homes.
  • The Euro will plummet and towards the end of 2018 and into 2019 there will be riots as the steep economic decline takes hold.
  • The UK and USA will be hit by the weak Euro but their economies will bounce back quickly and the pound and dollar will be seen as safe havens for international money and investment.
  • Hamilton-Parker states – I got it wrong in 2017 when I said “Denmark and Italy pull out of the EU as Euro crashes” but again I think I’ve got my timing wrong and this is still on the cards.
  • Overall 2018 will be a bad year for the world economies. We will see some major brands in trouble.

You can watch his predictions video below.

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