Westworld season 2

Westworld 2, Christopher Walken, a Cage Fighter and Much More

Apart from the rare and rather fulfilling sight of watching the New England Patriots lose the big one, Superbowl Sunday also brought with it the tantalising teaser for the second series of Westworld. And with that in mind we thought what better time to not only take a look at what’s in store for the world’s most messed up theme park (cue Jurassic Park references) but to also take a look at some other tantalising tasters of what’s in store for your viewing pleasure in the coming months. It may be the coldest week in the history of the world ever, but warm yourself up with the newest trailers hot off the press.

Westworld Season 2

What on earth to make of HBO’s first Superbowl trailer in twenty years. Whatever your take, the excitement is set to reach fever pitch between now and April. What do we know? Well if the rumours are to be believed it looks like Westworld is far from the only theme park around with the mouth watering potential of five others out there. We’ll definitely see more of the now rather angry hosts turn the tables on the park’s creators. And from the trailer there seems to be an unhealthy amount of bulls doing damage to the lab where the hosts are fixed up.


Like Me

This stylish and rather unconventional looking flick definitely appears straight out of the left field as we follow lonely drifter Kiya as she seeks validation through social media, broadcasting a crime spree that exposes her need for genuine human connection. Things quickly spiral out of control with madness following her round and affecting everyone she comes across. Definitely one for the patient indie lover but those who persevere will be rewarded with a serious visual treat.

The Cage Fighter

A real life version of Rocky? Now that sounds like the makings of a perfect documentary. Fourty year old Joe Carman puts everything on the line, having promised his wife and four children never to step inside the cage again, he risks losing his family, his health, and everything he holds dear as he secretly begins training for one last MMA fight and a chance to reconcile with and get some closure from the sport that became his obsession.

Mom and Dad

The best version of Nicolas Cage has always been the extreme, unhinged version rather than the watered down or oddly cast man we’ve seen in recent years. Well prepare yourself for a bit of a treat as in Mom and Dad he’s almost as off the chain as he’s ever been. The horror tinged with black comedy sees a virus spread through radio and video waves turn parents into murderous beings who want to take out their children (and we don’t mean to the park). Watch the trailer for a serious taste of Cage rage.

The Ritual

Fans of Blair Witch will be looking forward to The Ritual premiering on Netflix this Friday in what is sure to be a classic ‘if you go into the woods tonight’ scenario, as four long term friends reunite for a trek through the Swedish wilderness. Of course adolescent masculinity and bad decisions go hand in hand as this weekend away turns into a weekend from hell.

Irreplaceable You

Childhood sweethearts and best friends Abbie and Sam are engaged to be married, when out of the blue Abbie finds out she has terminal cancer. What ensues is a journey to find a new partner for her long term love, Steve Coogan and Christopher Walken also star in what is set to be top of the ‘Trending Now’ section on Netflix.

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