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Accessories to Accompany a Suit

Accessories to Accompany a Suit

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With many celebrations being postponed due to covid, many of us are being inundated with invites for various events – some of which require a suit! Whether you are spending the day at the races, or have some beautiful summer weddings to attend -here are some ways in which you can accessorise your suit, to make it really pop and stand out from the crowd. After all, it’s the little details that really matter.


Purchasing a watch with a timeless design can never go wrong. One thing to consider when choosing the perfect watch is the size of your wrist, and how the face looks in comparison. Nowadays, with so many different brands, colours and styles to choose from it is easy to find the perfect watch – and this doesn’t just have to be something you only wear for a special occasion. Why not treat yourself and invest in a beautiful new piece to wear every day?


Earrings aren’t just for women, in fact, there are some stunning diamond earrings for men available on the market that can help take your image to the next level! The only problem is… are you stylish enough to pull them off?


You can be as subtle or as blingy as you wish when choosing rings to wear. Why not experiment with different metal combinations or stones? Which width would you prefer—wide or narrower? Getting something designed specifically is often the best way to ensure the ring is exactly how you like it, as everyone’s hands are so unique. Rings look even better when paired with a great watch.


Let’s now start diving into the subtleties of style. Incorporating small details into your suit demonstrates your attention to detail, which can really help to elevate your style, as after all the finer details are often the most important. Opt for a simple cufflink, to ooze class and sophistication. Or why not pick up a unique or funky design to show some personality? You could simply match the colour of your cufflinks to that of your shirt, suit, or tie – and many stores sell cufflinks in colours that coordinate with the shirts they sell, so you could easily find a well-put-together outfit at an affordable price.

Tie and Tie pin

A tie pin is something that can easily be matched to your tie, similar to your cufflinks. Tie pins are not very common these days, but they can help distinguish your style and suit from others. They can be as basic or as unique as you like – made of metal, wood, or in imaginative shapes. Since they will always be worn together, make sure the breadth of your tie and the width of the tie clip complement each other nicely.

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