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Fashion Items Every Man Should Invest in for Their Wardrobe This Autumn

Fashion Items Every Man Should Invest in for Their Wardrobe This Autumn

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In many ways, autumn is the perfect season for style. The earth is covered in rich colours, the air has a chill, and there’s a natural inclination towards layers, leather and tailored pieces. Not to mention that autumn also coincides with the release of new fashion collections from brands and designers. As such, this gives men plenty of opportunities to refresh their wardrobe with new pieces that will last them from September until spring.

Autumn’s must-have styles are surprisingly simple and straightforward, whether you’re just starting your fashion journey or are looking to add a few key items to your wardrobe. From leather jackets and jumpers to trainers and beanies, these top autumn items can take your existing assortment from basic to brilliant in no time.

Dolce & Gabbana Leather Jacket

Every man needs at least one classic leather jacket in their wardrobe. While you might prefer to stick to black, you can also consider opting for an autumnal brown or burgundy jacket. With its rich texture, sleek finish and relaxed fit, a leather jacket is a stylish option that can be easily worn with almost any outfit, from formal to casual. Whether you like to team it with a shirt and tie or T-shirt, jeans or chinos, a black leather jacket makes for a great addition to your day-to-day and evening outfits. One retailer we love that acts as a one stop shop for all those additions is Nordstrom. Make a neat saving on all your items by checking out nordstrom promo codes . And if you’re looking for a stylish, one-of-a-kind leather jacket, look at Dolce & Gabbana’s range.

Alexander McQueen Trainers

Many brands have released new autumn trainer styles, but Alexander McQueen trainers are worth checking out. Featuring high-quality materials and designs that are both stylish and functional, the brand’s autumn range includes something to suit everyone’s taste. As far as investment pieces go, a pair of quality trainers is one of the best ways to dress up your casual outfits. If you’re after a pair of autumn-ready shoes that will last you for years to come, Alexander McQueen trainers are ideal for you.

AMI Paris Jumper

Autumn is perfect for adding a few cosy wool jumpers to your wardrobe. With many designers releasing autumn variations, there are plenty of options to choose from that won’t break the bank. As far as classic and cosy jumpers go, AMI Paris’ range of knitted jumpers is one of the best. Not only are these jumpers incredibly stylish, but they are also incredibly warm and comfortable to wear, too.

Moncler Puffer Jacket

If you’re after a stylish yet functional coat, a puffer jacket is an autumn fashion piece you need to consider investing in. While you might prefer to go for a classic black or navy blue puffer jacket, with rich reds, oranges and greens all present in nature at this time of year, why not take advantage of this and pick up a brightly coloured puffer jacket instead? Moncler’s range of coloured and patterned designs is definitely one of the best if you’re after a stylish yet functional and affordable puffer jacket.

Lululemon Jogging Bottoms

If you’re a lover of leisurewear, then a pair of stylish, high-end joggers is a must. Lululemon’s sleek, black and stylish joggers are a great example of high-end activewear. The joggers are made from a soft and comfortable fabric that can easily be worn as a stylish casual outfit out of the house. You will equally feel comfortable wearing this at home.

Givenchy Gilet

As the temperatures drop, layering becomes a necessity, especially if you’re out and about during the day. While you might be more accustomed to layering with a shirt, sweater or bomber jacket, a gilet is a stylish and functional alternative for autumn. Givenchy’s autumn range is the way to go if you’re after a stylish and functional gilet.

Moncler Boots

You can’t talk about autumn fashion without mentioning boots. Whether you prefer a classic pair of Chelsea boots or something more outdoorsy like a desert boot, the right pair of boots can take your whole look from basic to brilliant. And when it comes to high-end boots, few brands do it as well as Moncler. The Italian brand’s classic Tan Mon Corp lace-up boots are a great investment piece for autumn. The boots are stylish and can be worn with just about anything in your wardrobe, including jeans, chinos, or a pair of tailored trousers. The Tan Mon Corp boots are comfortable and durable, making them the perfect companion for the colder months ahead.

Ralph Lauren Shirts

If you want to upgrade your wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with a stylish designer shirt. These can be worn for almost any occasion and look great with a pair of formal or casual pants. Ralph Lauren’s shirts are well-made and come in a range of classic colours, including neutral black and blue, so you can find one that matches various outfits. The shirts are comfortable and durable and come reasonably priced, given their high-quality and stylish design.

Stone Island Beanie

As the weather starts to cool down, every man needs a trusty beanie to keep his head warm during autumn and winter. A stylish beanie is a great finishing touch to any autumn outfit. Stone Island’s classic beanie in black, grey, or white is a great option for those looking for a stylish and functional accessory. The beanie is a stylish yet functional item perfect for autumn and winter weather. Stone Island’s beanie retails for around £155, which makes it a high-end item that is not for everyone. It is, however, a stylish and functional item that will last for many seasons with proper care.


The list above is just some of the best items to invest in for your autumn wardrobe. Autumn is a great time of year to add some new pieces to your wardrobe, and these items will be sure to keep you warm and stylish while you’re out and about. Consider speaking to a stylist if you’re unsure of what to go for this autumn, as they may have the best relevant tips.

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