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What To Consider When Throwing An Epic World Cup Viewing Party

What To Consider When Throwing An Epic World Cup Viewing Party

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The World Cup is coming up, and you want to show your guests a good time. The World Cup is the best time to get your friends together for a viewing party. Whether you’re hosting in your garden or the living room, you should definitely invite friends over for the big games, but the party doesn’t have to stop there; here are some tips for throwing a fantastic viewing party.


The first step in planning a viewing party is to decide where you want to host the event. There are lots of great places for hosting a viewing party, but you should make sure it’s comfortable and has enough space for everyone. If you have a big garden, your outdoor space is perfect for getting together with friends.

You can even get creative with your viewing party by setting up a projector and screen in the garden and inviting guests to bring extra cushions and chairs to enjoy the day with a front-row seat. If you’re hosting indoors, then your living room might be the best spot. You could set up tables around the television so everyone can reach the snack and provide plenty of seating or offer guests seats on the floor if they prefer.

Food And Drink

If you’re throwing a viewing party, you have to have food and drink. You want to provide a variety of foods that can cater to different tastes, but here are some ideas for easy-to-make dishes and drinks that are always a hit when watching football:

• Hot dogs.
• Salsa and tortilla chips.
• Nachos.
• Pizza.
• Beer.
• Soft drinks like coke, lemonade, and ginger ale.
• Spirits life rum, whiskey, and vodka.

Before you plan the food and drink, though, be sure to check if any of your guests have any dietary requirements so they can still enjoy the food without worrying about what’s in it.


Decorations are a huge part of throwing a viewing party, so you’ll want to think about what the theme should be. One idea is to decorate your party space with country flags from the teams that are playing that day. Hang them from the ceiling or on a fence, whichever you prefer. You could even use some string to hang them all over the walls and ceilings.

Don’t forget to get mini flags for your friends to wave as they celebrate during the game. When looking for flags for all your sporting events, check out North West Flags and their fantastic range to make your viewing party come to life.

Clean Up

You’ve just hosted the best viewing party ever, but now it’s time to clean up. The best way to reduce the amount of time spent cleaning is to tidy up before the game begins. Put away any dishes and rinse them off so they don’t soil your counters, sweep up any food crumbs, and put away any furniture that might get in the way of your guests. You can also put your outdoor bins in a convenient place before the party to speed up your clean up.

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