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What We’ve Been Reading: The Links

What We’ve Been Reading: The Links

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It’s that time again when we round up of all the random, weird and wonderful, oftentimes stranger than fiction news stories that have caught our attention over the past seven days, here are the links.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says we need to leave planet earth and soon, mind you it’s easy for him to say, he’s the richest man in the Universe. (Wired) Read More

How do you take your coffee in the morning? Pod? Filter? Cafetiere? Instant?! (The Guardian) Read More

Adventurer Ross Edgeley has become the first man to swim around Great Britain. (BBC Sport) Read More

Ever wondered where the dirtiest places on a plane are? Best not read this if you already have an aversion to flying! (The Independent) Read More

Danny Trejo, the hardest man in Hollywood. How the actor fought his way to the top. (The Guardian) Read More

Looks like there are more shark movies surfacing on the big screen, which is never a bad thing. (The Hollywood Reporter) Read More

Weird news of the week award goes to – the sauna World Cup – Who knew this is actually a real thing? With competitors and prizes and stuff. (The Outline) Read More

The rise of Hip Hop. An amazing new book chronicles the stories behind some of hip hops most iconic artists and the images that created a cultural reference. (The New Yorker) Read More

Rockstar’s new game is both groundbreaking and brilliant. An immersive exploration of frontier land in the 19th century has made Red Dead Redemption II a serious blockbuster. (The Ringer) Read More

They don’t make Lego like they used to. Bond fans will be blown away by this replica Aston Martin. (Gizmodo) Read More

Meet the UK’s rising stars, the Bafta’s Breakthrough Brits of 2018. (BBC News) Read More

Want to live a long life? Improve your grip strength. (The Independent) Read More

Halloween may be over but 2019 looks set to be another bumper year for horror movies (Digital Spy) Read More

It’s fireworks season – if you’re worried about your mut and all those bangs, a solution is on hand in Bob Marley’s soothing tunes (The Guardian) Read More

Boston gangster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger played on the big screen by Jack Nicholson and Johnny Depp dies in prison assault. (NBC News) Read More

The re-emergence of skate culture and its continued resistance to commercialism (The New Yorker) Read More

Watch these everyday folk on a treadmill attempting to keep pace with Eliud Kipchoge’s marathon world record time, which was basically 200m every 34 seconds for 2 hours (DIGG) Watch

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