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What We’ve Been Reading: The Links

What We’ve Been Reading: The Links

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It’s time for a roundup of all the random, weird and wonderful, often stranger than fiction news stories that have caught our attention over the past seven days, here are the links…

Some people are prepping for post Brexit by stockpiling cans of fizzy drinks and jars of marmalade – yawn…(BBC News) Read More

The crazy life and times of Freddie Mercury that didn’t make it into the recent watered-down biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. (Vanity Fair) Read More

Breaking Bad is set for a big screen outing after it was announced that series creator Vince Gilligan is set to start shooting imminently, this can only be a good thing. (Gamespot) Read More

Mick Jagger as Frodo – Ralph Bakshi discusses his animated classic Lord of the Rings and the battles he fought to get it off the ground. (Hollywood Reporter) Read More

UFC 1 – The Beginning. The quest to find the toughest man on the planet started with an article in Playboy magazine (BBC Sport) Read More

One of the greatest of all time and certainly one of the richest – why doesn’t Floyd Mayweather just enjoy his retirement? (The Guardian) Read More

How do self-driving cars see? The question you’re desperate to know the answer to is here. (Wired) Read More

The most challenging and sadistic endurance race on the planet ‘Big’s Backyard Ultra’ really is the last man standing. (Deadspin) Read More

Sitting is worse for you than smoking! There’s no mention of chairs in the bible, in fact, until the 19th Century, they were pretty rare. Now they’re everywhere (BBC) Read more

Is Oumuamua the big rock flying around space really an alien spaceship? (The Independent) Read More

Former Nottingham Forest goalkeeper and cult hero Mark Crossley reveals how his old boss, the legendary Brian Clough could bring you down to earth with a bump. (The Irish Mirror) Read More

How extreme close-ups are defining modern movies. (Vulture) Read More

The actual reason for wearing poppies on Remembrance Day. (The Independent) Read More

Researchers have found that higher levels of Vitamin D = higher levels of fitness. (Men’s Health) Read More

Background music is big business, the people who decide the soundtrack to our everyday lives. (The Guardian) Read More

One man is challenging the traditions and influence of Martial Arts in China, but at what cost? (TIME) Read More

The trick to staying young and living a long and fulfilling life has finally been revealed. (Quartz) Read More

The midterm elections in the US saw the Democrats take back control of the House of Representatives and plenty of records were broken in the process (Business Insider) Read More

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