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Why is Stranger Things still so popular?

Why is Stranger Things still so popular?

Stranger Things

With a whopping 4 seasons to its name and a final season still to come, fans have around 35 hours-worth of Stranger Things episodes to occupy themselves with. It’s become one of the UK’s most discussed TV shows in recent times, with many believing the show has influenced wider culture while simultaneously smashing Netflix viewing records. Rather than experiencing a dwindling of viewers as the seasons progress, the series has continuously grown its audience each time. Here’s why people aren’t bored of Stranger Things just yet.

Multi-genre storytelling

Part Sci-Fi-part-Horror, all wrapped up in fantastic storytelling, it’s a drama that draws in fans from multiple genres. This alone opens up the show to a huge number of people. On top of this, its coming-of-age trope means you can follow your favourite characters as they flourish into young adults. When you blend great storylines with distinctive themes and styling, from the cinematic experience to the picture perfects sets, you’re onto a sure fire winner.

Iconic 80s songs and looks

Let’s face it, something that makes Stranger Things extra special is the 80s nostalgia. The soundtrack blasts out songs both old and young fans know and love, from ‘Material Girl’ by Madonna to ‘Africa’ by Toto. The iconic ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush topped the UK charts in 2022 despite its initial release being in 1985 – all thanks to its appearance in Season 4 of Stranger Things. The same excitement extends towards the 80s clothes worn across the series. Different characters have distinctive fashion looks, such as Eddie with his Hellfire Club shirt and frizzy hair.

Binge watch

With eight, one-hour long episodes to get stuck into, Stranger Things makes for a great binge-worthy series. At the same time, the fact that there aren’t too many episodes in each batch means you don’t feel drained from information overload. An hour (or two) an evening can be the perfect amount to make you feel fulfilled while giving you enough to look forward to.


With any viral show comes memes. This draws people in who haven’t even seen the show, highlighting a funny moment that might encourage someone to give it a watch. Memes can also highlight the intricacies of a particular moment in a show and are owed entirely to clever observation from dedicated fans. They are arguably one of the key reasons why Stranger Things has upheld its popularity, with plenty of classic Joyce Byers’ facial expressions cropping up numerous times.

Character development

Linking in with the coming-of-age narrative, character development is a key part of the series’ success. Perhaps most notably, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington progressing from typical high school teens to mature young adults who unearth mysteries and face their fears. The same goes for other young characters across the series, including the now iconic Eleven and Max.

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