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The “Lunar 1969”: Give the Gift of Time this Christmas

The “Lunar 1969”: Give the Gift of Time this Christmas

Col&MacArthur Lunar 1969 Watch sat in a footprint on the 'moon'

We’ve got one rather special Christmas gift idea for you that truly is out of this world. Quite literally in this particular case.

On July 20th, 1969, a 39-year-old Neil Armstrong, was the first man in history to touch the lunar surface, before uttering the iconic words,

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”.

To mark the 50th anniversary of this momentous occasion, Belgian watchmakers Col&MacArthur have designed a seriously desirable limited edition tribute timepiece in the gorgeous shape of the “LUNAR 1969”.

Fittingly only 1969 of these numbered pieces have been created, all in honour of those pioneers of space travel, with the date of the Apollo XI landing, “July 20 1969” engraved on the case at 9:56 pm, while the name of the famous basalt basin “Mare Tranquillitatis” engraved at exactly 12 o’clock.

It also contains the geographical coordinates of each lunar landing. On the lunar surface, a bright spot indicates the location of the first step on the Moon.

Another reason you’ll need this gorgeous Swiss made timepiece from Col&MacArthur in your life is the rather noteworthy fact that the “Lunar 1969” contains a genuine fragment of a lunar meteorite!

Yes, you read that right. At the 12-hour mark on the watch, to add a further celestial touch, the makers have inserted a piece of moon meteorite that comes with a certificate of authenticity. Now if that isn’t a talking point down the pub we don’t know what is.

Now we mentioned out of this world earlier and we weren’t kidding. To make this watch even rarer and more extraordinary it comes with the unique opportunity to have your very own “LUNAR 1969” sent to the edge of space, where it will come into direct contact with an environment of -60° C and with a pressure close to 0.

The watch is then recovered by a specialist company and delivered to your door in mint condition inside a luxury presentation box, with the date of the flight engraved on the back cover of the watch together with a certificate authenticating the altitude of the flight.

Take a look below at video of the first watch Col&MacArthur sent stratospheric.

Anyone lucky enough to receive such a rare and exquisite watch quite as special at “LUNAR 1969” for Christmas will, without doubt, be over the moon.

“LUNAR 1969” Watch by Col&MacArthur – £449

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