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Japanese Inspired Gift Ideas

Japanese Inspired Gift Ideas

Japanese Inspired Christmas Ideas from The MALESTROM

From an outstanding Rugby World Cup to the epic and thoroughly watchable BBC hit series Giri/Haji, our obsession with sushi and sake, martial arts and karaoke, it seems the whole world might be turning Japanese. Yes, the wonderful, polite, hardworking nation that apologises if a train arrives thirty seconds late, and created bonkers toilets that play music, there’s much to admire about our friends in the East.

Inspired and intrigued we thought we’d delve a little deeper to bring you our Japanese inspired Gift Guide, including such delights as Roasted Twig Tea and a shower gel inspired by the delightful practice of Forest Bathing.

A Takibi Vest by Snow Peak

FR 3L Rain Vest by Snow Peak £380

If you haven’t visited the good people at Snow Peak be it digitally or at their new flagship store in London, then we suggest you do so post-haste. Especially if you’re a lover of all things outdoors mixed in with a large dose of style and function. This rather unique Rain Vest is constructed from the fire-resistant fabric Aramid and is perfect for a weekend camping. You’ll look great in the outdoors as well as having more pockets and utility loops than you can possibly handle. 

Electric Toothbrush by ION-Sei £129.99

Japanese technology mixed with a pristine German design, the ION-Sei is the next level in dental care. It uses an Ultra Violet LED light that reacts with a Titanium Dioxide bar in the brush handle, to create ions that suppress the bacteria that cause plaque. Crazy stuff, but crazy things are good and so is having healthy gums and teeth.

Deep Cleansing Oil by DHC £24.00

Iconic and innovative Japanese grooming skincare pioneers DHC have been producing world-renowned grooming solutions since the 80s. This cleansing oil dissolves all traces of dirt and grime like it was never there to start with. And the lip cream containing vitamin E and aloe will leave you mistletoe ready.

Zenshi Glass Teapot with Glass Infuser by The Teamakers of London and loose tea on a wooden table

Zenshi Glass Teapot with Glass Infuser by The Teamakers of London £20.15

It’s reported loose tea contains more of the antioxidants and polyphenols than the bagged stuff and boosts your immune system contributing to your all-round wellbeing. The Japanese drink the stuff in bucket fulls, well glass teapot fulls, like this rather glorious glass infuser.

Japanese Roasted Twig Tea by Clearspring £4.69

If you’re looking to curb that caffeine habit this New Year then you might want to try this soothing organic kukicha tea. Harvested from tea bushes in the late season, when caffeine levels are low, you end up with a refreshing and soulful brew. Clearspring is a must for all Japanese tea needs. 

Natureful Trio by Aromatherapy Associate on a wooden table

Natureful Trio by Aromatherapy Associates £78.00

The Japanese art of “Shinrin-Yoku” – spending time in nature amongst the trees is the inspiration behind this calming and restorative trio of therapeutic blends. From a wellness mist to a  therapeutic bath and shower oil blend made up of Pink Pepper, Cypress, Ho Wood and Juniper Berry, it’ll leave as refreshed as if you’d walked barefoot in the woods.

How To Live Japanese Book by Yutaka Yuzawa £20.00

If you’re yearning to learn more about Japanese culture, philosophy or how they have such a long life expectancy, then grab a copy of How to Live Japanese by Yutaka Yazawa and revel in the delights of their many festivals and traditions while soaking up some stunning sights from the land of the rising sun.

Photography by Simon J Evans

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