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Car Seat Headrest: Teens of Denial Review

Car Seat Headrest: Teens of Denial Review

The album cover for teens of denial by Car Seat Headrest, featuring a black and white photo of two teens fighting

Here at The MALESTROM we like to keep our ears to the ground for the freshest music out there. If you haven’t listened to Car Seat Headrest, maybe it’s about time you darn well did. The mighty but unassuming looking force behind the band is twenty three year-old Will Toledo who began his career as a solo artist.

He’s been a busy man since 2010, knocking out eleven albums on Bandcamp all from his college dorm, before finally getting a record deal with Matador and composing his twelfth Teens of Denial. The album is a compilation of his best work, and singles him out as a truly prolific artist.

It’s actually been a tumultuous time for Toledo, given that he encountered a rather costly rights issue regarding a complicated fallout from a sample and some lyrics he incorporated in the track The Ballad of the Costa Concordia.

You can read more here. Either way, it’s a triumphant record that positions Car Seat Headrest as a musical force who are set to become a major part of the future soundscape of US rock.

A couple of particular favourites at The MALESTROM HQ are Fill in the Blank

And Vincent

Sounding at times like Kurt Cobain having a tear up with Sonic Youth, or a lof-fi slacker version of The Pixies, Teens of Denial  delivers on value, not least with tracks like the aforementioned The Ballad of the Costa Concordia running at an impressive eleven and a half minutes, although it never feels overly long. While slow builder Vincent and Cosmic Hero are anthemic indie rock tracks.

They certainly sound like they’re enjoying themselves, and you can too, get on over to Spotify or any other streaming device and have a listen to Teens of Denial. We think most of you won’t be disappointed.

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