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Horror Podcasts Perfect for the Winter Months

Horror Podcasts Perfect for the Winter Months

Friday 13th came and went without so much as a bump in the night and with Halloween looming eerily on the horizon, which is a bit like Christmas here at The MALESTROM, we’ve been eagerly looking for some cheap thrills of the podcast kind.

Having exhausted every true crime podcast on the planet, attentions have turned to the world of horror, and you know what? It’s a thriving industry.

Spooky supernatural stories and terrifying tales of the unexplainable are perfect fodder for the dark winter months. So suspend that disbelief and dive headfirst into the wonderful and weird world of horror podcasts. We’ve picked out five of the best that’ll keep the morning commute creepy over the coming months.

Inside the Exorcist

This brand new podcast is one horror movie fans will love. ‘Inside the Exorcist’ is a look into the real-life stories surrounding one of horror’s most notorious films. This 7-part series starts with an episode introducing the early lives of the people responsible for creating the movie.

It dramatises the story of the boy who the story was based on, the actress who played the possessed soul, Linda Blair, Peter Blatty, the man who wrote the book the film is based on, and the director William Friedkin.

There all depicted in their early years, their stories woven together, delving into how their lives were shaped and what led them to make this demonic project. Atmospheric and creepy this might give a few of you some sleepless nights.

The No Sleep Podcast

Now in its ninth season, the award-winning ‘The No Sleep Podcast’ started life as a subreddit where stories that were posted on the forum were transformed into an immersive audio experience. Of all the horror podcasts the effort and work that clearly goes into every episode is the hallmark that sets it apart.

Each instalment of this anthology series features a variety of topics, be it anything from creepy kids and things that disappear without explanation, to mysterious creatures or tormented souls.

The attention to detail of these expertly authored tales is enhanced by the alluring and rich audio, which is perfectly mixed to offer multiple layers that bolsters the whole experience and allows your imagination to run wild.

The Magnus Archives

‘The Magnus Institute’ is an organisation dedicated to investigating the esoteric and the weird, and Jonathan Sims the new head archivist, has been tasked with the unenviable challenge of sorting through the extensive records of eye witness testimonies of the paranormal and unexplained.

Wonderfully written and incredibly engaging, this smart horror cleverly weaves together some truly terrifying tales. As he delves deeper into each case it’s clear that there is more to these mysterious goings-on than meets the eye.

However, each episode stands alone which is great, as the listener can drop in and out at will, and although there is an overarching strand that rears it’s ugly head every now and then, it’s an all-inclusive experience. Kind of like X-Files for the podcast generation.

The Black Tapes

This serialised docudrama hosted by Alex Reagan is a wonderful work of audio fiction and one of the best horror podcasts out there. The story revolves around a series of unsolved cases of the supernatural, these are referred to as ‘The Black Tapes’ and the work of one time paranormal investigator and full-time sceptic Dr Richard Strand.

Strand had initially set out to debunk the myths of the supernatural and the unexplained, however, ended up with more questions than answers. As Alex delves deeper she becomes fascinated by her subject and the mysteries that now haunt them both. There are two seasons to get stuck into, perfect for some late night listening.

Snap Judgement presents: Spooked

The Spooked Podcast from Snap Judgement features eleven episodes of true-life stories of the supernatural, that are told firsthand by people who themselves have experienced these strange goings-on.

It’s hosted by Glynn Washington, who draws you into the often creepy stories with his deeply distinctive voice. There’s a wide selection of chilling tales on offer here, some that seem taller than others, but most manage to hit upon a nerve somewhere. It’s a show that will have the firmest spook sceptics checking under their beds before they get some shuteye.

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