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Future Sound Cartel – Give us Your Ears!

Future Sound Cartel – Give us Your Ears!

Future Sound Cartel

At The MALESTROM we’re all about the new – new music, new dawns, new life, new creatives, new films and new ideas. Which is why we’re happy to bring you a new rhythmic release from a couple of young guys hailing from South London.

These two talented songwriters and musicians go by the name of Oliver Cobden Thomas (previously in Switches, Flash Fiktion) and Anthony James Flynn (previously in Wolf Club Lunar Society) and have now collaborated and formed Future Sound Cartel.

The idea behind the Cartel is to continually collaborate with new musicians and artists to create a fresh and energetic sound that is ‘constantly evolving’, and The MALESTROM is bringing you their exclusive new single from their first EP called Lady Annie.

It’s a riotous bar brawl of a garage rock track that is their first collaborative work with record producer and mix engineer, System Heavy; who brings his unique approach to deconstructing and reconstructing the song, allowing some elements to the forefront and dropping out others to create a unique yet familiar edgy sound.

For the video, Future Sound Cartel worked with award-winning Director Richard Harrison from Razor Films filming in the ever evolving culturally rich landscape of Peckham, creating a scene that at times feels like downtown Brooklyn with it’s unique graffiti-filled alleyways, yet retains that crowded south east London vibe.

Striking Lithuanian model Egle takes front and centre capturing the swagger and attitude of the so called Lady Annie.

For the latest info on gigs and general Future Sound Cartel Stuff click here.

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