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Man take note

Man take note

A photograph of the night sky as the sun sets

What’s made mankind so successful in evolutionary terms is the removal of our instincts, our intuition! The wealthy bourgeoisie, those with power, wealth, and knowledge.

In simpler terms those that know the laws of the universe, happened upon an idea many, many years ago, that meant the people could be easily controlled through the formation of social constructs – religion, marriage, a two bed house, a fixation on unachievable financial gain, a society where people police each other, rules, regulations, history told through rose-tinted spectacles a version of life that is right versus a version that is wrong.

Imagine for one moment if we evened things up a bit, imagine we were all naked, ok maybe a loincloth, but imagine David Cameron addressing the nation with no clothes on, or Boris Johnson or Rupert Murdoch trying to be tough uncompromising bastards in the nuddy – it’s not happening that’s what.

All of our desires and instincts and emotions that relate to mother earth have been suppressed over the course of centuries of domination and the controlling of the distribution of knowledge and therefore wealth and status over man.

It sounds idealistic to talk in terms of everybody having a chance, but indeed idealism is itself a construct created to remind people about the realistic goals that have been created for us prior to our incarnation on this earth.

The wealthy and powerful have made it their objective to undermine and suppress the vast majority and the way in which they’ve achieved this, is by stopping us being human.

We’re all aware of our gut instincts, the negative vibes that sometimes occur in the workplace and on social occasions, our intuition that tells us to pursue something when our brain says no – well that’s exactly it, it’s been drummed out of us

Help yourself by helping others, educate, share, indulge, pass on information – pursue a life less ordinary, less well travelled and in doing so you will see all that life has to offer you, all the beauty and happiness that can be achieved from so little.

Invest your emotion in debt, hardship, societal structures, unobtainable yet prescribed goals, and you will achieve exactly what YOU were intended to achieve, very little, subordination perhaps, a good credit rating, a degree in something that the system created for you

Don’t take this wrong – don’t get freaked out and think everything’s a lie, this is quite simply about opening your eyes, seeing every opportunity when it presents itself, not living in fear, considering and furthermore helping others. Approach the world, not in the way that you have been instructed, but in a way that feels natural, follow your instincts, your intuition.

Not buying into the hysteria that’s created for you to buy into, not feeling down and depressed when everyone else is supposedly feeling down and depressed.

Follow your own dreams, create your own life – it’s your birthright to inhabit this world as you choose to – care for others, talk, share knowledge and remember that your life is as important as anyone else’s – if you want something to happen, make it so.

Do not proceed with the tried and tested rules of failure – know you are the best, be humble, tread carefully, avoid the traps!

Buy nice things, own a house, have a precious family, just do it your way.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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