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Spring Clean Your Mind With These Essential Books

Spring Clean Your Mind With These Essential Books

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Spring has most definitely sprung and with it all the connotations of renewal, rebirth and sowing seeds into fertile land for the future crops. It is also a time when lots of us head down to the local tip with a carload of old junk ready to free spaces in our abodes so we can buy more of it.

But do we give enough thought to spring cleaning our minds as well as our houses? Obviously not or The MALESTROM wouldn’t be flagging it up to you. Well, fear not we have three books to cleanse the old brain box that’ll have you heading down the road to summer a new person, or at least a slightly better read one.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

Ever look around your house or flat and think why have I accumulated so much tat? Ever find yourself just stuffing things into cupboards and wardrobes – ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Well, it never is ‘out of mind’, because somewhere whirring in the back of your clogged up brain is the nagging feeling that everything’s a mess. Fortunately, Marie Kondo in her New York Times bestseller has the answer.

A comprehensive guide to decluttering your life, with illustrations and tips aplenty, this book promises a lifestyle change that will stand the test of time and see you enjoying the magic of a tidy environment, leading to a calmer more inspired you!

Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence Change and Unlocking Your Mind by Dr Kirby Surprise

How often do you find yourself saying, ‘that was a weird coincidence’. Well after devouring this book by the brilliantly named Dr Kirby Surprise you might find yourself saying, ‘that was a weird synchronistic event’.

This fascinating read helps explain what the ancient phenomenon of synchronicity is and the degree to which we can control it. It facilitates enabling us to tap into an innate ability that all humans possess to understand and create these events and use them to our advantage.

So if you fancy expanding your perspectives and having a little bit more influence over your own reality, this might well be one for you.

The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters

It seems any Tom, Dick or Harry can write what might be classed as a self-help book these days! But not every Tom, Dick or Harry is a psychiatrist who has been hailed as the key figure behind Britain’s unrelenting success in Olympic track cycling.

Prof Steve Peters also helped Ronnie O’ Sullivan rediscover his winning mentality and even guided the Liverpool football team that so very nearly broke their 25-year title hoodoo. In The Chimp Paradox, Peters breaks down exactly how the mind works, how our emotions often dictate our decision making and the struggles we face in leading a happy, healthy and successful life.

This is a fantastic read that will help anybody willing to embrace change, it will give you a greater understanding of how your emotions work and go a long way to identifying what it is that’s holding you back in your life. It’s a must read from a genuine expert.

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