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Sotheby’s are Selling Skateboards!

Sotheby’s are Selling Skateboards!

Anyone who’s ever been into skateboarding will know the world renowned indie brand Supreme. For over two decades they’ve been crafting decks that bring together the worlds of fashion, film, art, music, in fact pretty much every genre of culture you can think of.

Of course Supreme is a brand that now transcends skating, it’s evolved from a humble streetwear brand founded in New York by Englishman James Jebbia, into a style super influencer, global household name and billion dollar company.

Ryan Fuller is the obsessive collector who’s painstakingly sought out the very rarest and hardest to find decks to compile this unique full set starting with the comparatively plain 98′ decks up to Supreme’s Cat in the Hat decks released last year. Fuller believes this is the one and only complete collection is existence.

Some of the highlights from the lot are the rare and desired monogram Louis Vuitton decks, which includes a recalled set from 2000 that were meant to be destroyed after a cease and desist order from the fashion giant, and the Louis Vuitton and Supreme Boîte skateboard trunk and deck from 2017, after the brands became actual collaborators.

Louis Vuitton decks. Credit: Sotheby’s

The collection, entitled 20 Years of Supreme, also contains boards from collaborations with artists such as Dan Colen (Ryan’s personal favourite decks), Jake & Dinos Chapman, Nate Lowman, KAWS,  Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst and many more.

Damian Hirst decks. Credit: Sotheby’s

248 decks make up the set and, which is being sold online at Sotheby’s New York on January 25 (closing 5pm GMT). The collection is estimated to fetch between $800,000 and a cool $1.2 million. So you’ll need some deep pockets to get your mitts on this lot. You can bid at Sotheby’s site HERE.

In the video below Ryan says that seeing all the boards hung together on the walls has made it even more difficult to part with them than he expected. Although we’re sure once he sees seven figures in his bank account he’ll feel a whole lot better.

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