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The Weekend Watchlist

The Weekend Watchlist

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So, it’s finally Friday and you know what that means. It’s the time of the week to leave those workday woes in the rearview mirror (if your petrol tank isn’t empty that is) and kick back with some new audio visual treats. It’s a big week for Bond fans with the long awaited arrival of Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007. We’ve also got a new Netflix thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal, some fresh Curb Your Enthusiasm goodness and much much more. On your mark, get set, go… and read The Weekend Watchlist.

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.” – Maximus, ‘Gladiator’ (2000)

In Cinemas

No Time To Die (12a)

My Bond, I’ve been expecting you. For nearly a year and a half! Yes, Covid put pay to the initial release of No Time To Die in April 2020, but after much impatience from lovers of the super spy, Daniel Craig’s last hurrah as Bond is here.

The plot sees Commander Bond recruited to rescue a kidnapped scientist, who then finds himself hot on the trail of mysterious and slightly ominously sounding villain Lyutsifer (Rami Malik), who’s threatening the world with a man made virus (sounds familiar). Expect a big blockbuster finish and maybe a few tears as Craig says farewell to this defining role.

Stream It

The Guilty (Netflix)

This remake of a 2018 Danish thriller will seriously have your nerves jangling. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Joe, a police detective recently demoted to an operator taking emergency calls.

After receiving an odd call from a woman seemingly on a drive with her children, he comes to the realisation that she may be the victim of a kidnapping. Cue a desperate scramble, as from his desk Joe searches for clues to save her before it’s too late. Stream it on Netflix from today.

Did You Know?

Author Ian Fleming named his suave spy after an influential ornithologist. The name ‘James Bond’ was taken from the real life Dr James Bond, a name Fleming found in a birdwatching book called Birds of the West Indies.

From The Vault

Jerry Maguire (1996)

Many of you will have seen Tom Cruise’s tour-de-force performance in the Cameron Crowe classic Jerry Maguire, but as it’s been recently re-added to UK Netflix, we thought it high time for a re-watch.

Cruise plays the titular sports agent who starts his own management firm after getting fired from his job. His only client (Cuba Gooding Jr.) is a disgruntled football player who wants a better contract. To keep him on the books he’ll have to “show him the money”. Cruise’s turn is arguably a career best and this is a quotable charmer that will have you smiling.

New Trailers

Stranger Things 4

We’ve still got a bit of waiting to do before the latest Stranger Things series is released next year. But to keep collective appetites whetted a new trailer has just been released and it’s all got rather spooky. The short trailer takes us back to the 1950s to give us our first look at the likely haunted Creel House. Where it seems some rather nasty events took place.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 11 

We couldn’t not include the new teaser trailer for everyone’s favourite Larry. Curb is back very soon with a new season which will undoubtedly deliver some much needed laughs. Word on the street is the pandemic could be part of the storyline this time around. We can’t wait.

Quick Question Answer: Last week we asked you which blonde sex symbol of the 1990s has an IQ of 154? It was of course Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone.

This week we want to know what was the first Horror movie to win an Oscar? We’ll give you the answer in next week’s Weekend Watchlist.

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