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Waiting to Live the Dream

Waiting to Live the Dream

Stood on the tube squashed in, like the proverbial sardines in a tin, sweltering from the brief and stifling summer heat, reading the headline of someone else’s newspaper about the impending social and financial doom and potential collapse.

Concerned like your fellow commuters by the typical burdens of modern life – bills, mortgages, rent, putting food on the table, booking a hotel for that wedding that you have to attend, but it’s nowhere near any reasonably priced hotels.

Accumulating debts no honest man can pay, while you spend another thirty pound in Tesco Metro on some overpriced bland looking meat, vegetables tightly wrapped in plastic, a bottle of wine, and a few more necessities.

Deadlines at work build up while the pay cheque stays the same and all the while dreaming of a day far in the future when you can actually do all of the things you’ve always wanted to, see the countries you want to see, live in a house that for ten or fifteen years if you’re lucky, you can rightfully call your own – waiting to live a life you only dream about.

Sound familiar – so many of us are waiting for life to change or the time when we can without guilt or burden live in freedom. But why not now?

Unfortunately, there are no immediate solutions and quick fixes, it’s very hard to change your life just like that. But it is possible to start moving towards those goals and dreams today, right now!

Why do so many of us wait? Thinking one day it’ll all just come good. We have to reposition ourselves, our role, and the pressure we put on the quality of life based on some tried and tested handbook of rules for being successful – ticking boxes related to our age etc. We can change our mindset and start living our dream life today.

By getting rid of things we don’t want or need in our lives, trying new things, exploring areas right where we live that we never previously thought to. Challenging ourselves, getting out of our comfort zones, phoning a friend we’ve not spoken to in a long time, but always intend to. Observing our feelings and then reacting to them.

Putting family and friends first, learning a new craft, doing an online course. Small tweaks that bring us closer to that dream, of being the person we want to be, that will evolve as you do.

Meeting new people, joining a club, growing some food, giving something up – all of which can have a profound impact on your mindset and outlook.

Don’t wait to live the life you want to – start today, it’s closer than you think.

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