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The Weekend Watchlist

The Weekend Watchlist


With a semblance of ‘normal’ currently breaking out across the UK, we thought it high time The MALESTROM got back to discussing one of our favourite subjects … films. After a period which has seen movie releases being cancelled left, right and centre, many much-anticipated films which have been on ice are opening in cinemas up and down the country.

In our new regular ‘Weekend Watchlist’ feature, we’re going to take the hassle out of your busy lives by showcasing three films each week, from the best cinema release, movie to stream and also a classic from the vault to enjoy. With the nights drawing in, it’s the perfect time to cosy down and escape to different land’s with a good movie. Without further ado, here’s this week’s selection.

In Cinemas

12 Mighty Orphans (12A)

Given the way the last couple of years has gone down, you can forgive us for starting off with a feel-good flick. This real-life depression-era set drama follows the fortune of a high school football team at an orphanage in Texas. Luke Wilson stars as Rusty Russell, a WW1 hero who takes on the thankless task of creating a team out of disadvantaged youths. Along with the alcoholic school doctor (the brilliant Martin Sheen), he attempts to transform this bunch of misfits into a well oiled national sensation.

It may be a little earnest for some tastes, and the material is hardly what you’d call fresh, but it’s well crafted and anything that genuinely warms the cockles of your heart these days is well worth two hours of time.

Check out the trailer below:

Stream It

Calibre (Netflix)

Here’s a serious cracker that might well have flown underneath your Netflix radar. This taut thriller takes place in the Scottish Highlands set against the backdrop of a boozy hunting weekend, where a soon to be married groom (Jack Lowden) and his best man become the hunted after a tragic incident in a forest gets the attention of the local villagers.

Reminiscent of The Wicker Man and Deliverance, yet with it’s own unique atmosphere, Calibre is a tension-filled, twisty-turny tale that boasts an ominous sense of dread that ramps up as the film unfolds. It’s also helped by a series of stellar turns from it’s largely unknown British cast. Highly recommended.

Did You Know?

The boxing scenes looked so realistic in Rocky IV because they were! Sylvester Stallone instructed Dolph Lundgren to forget the choreography and “just go out there and try to clock me”. Something the Rocky star may have regretted as one particular shot to the ribs by Dolph landed him in intensive care for nine days.

From The Vault

Gattaca (1997)

Given our current troubled times you might not fancy seeking out a dystopian sci-fi as a bit of escapism. But we urge you to check out what is something of a hidden gem in Gattaca. Truman Show director Andrew Niccol, helms this thought-provoking movie set in the near future, in which genetically engineered people are favoured over others. Ethan Hawke stars opposite his future wife Uma Thurman as an imperfect man who goes to great lengths to assume the identity of a “valid” (Jude Law) in order to realise his dream job as an astronaut.

With a great cast, Gattaca is a gripping tale with themes and a message that are even more relevant today.

Stream Gattaca on Hulu.

Quick question – Any of you film buffs know what Sean Connery’s first name really was? Answers on a postcard to The MALESTROM for the chance to win a big cash prize, well not really, but at least the chance to feel rather smug. We’ll give you the answer in next week’s Weekend Watchlist.

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