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What We’ve Been Reading: The Links

What We’ve Been Reading: The Links

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We scour the web so you don’t have to, to create all the Sunday supplementation you could need. So enlighten your weekend by sifting through the random, weird and wonderful stories that have captured our attention over the past week. Here are the links people…

The complex and disturbing consequences of International blood smuggling and the life of the donors involved. (The Guardian) Read More

If you were a Japanese billionaire which artists would you take to the moon? First world problems for Yusaku Maezawa who’s spent £5 billion to turn this dilemma into a reality. (The New Yorker) Read More

Bez gets Happy Mondays disqualified from Bargain Hunt – talk about twisting your melon man. (The Guardian) Read More

Eddie Vedder warned Bradley Cooper off remaking ‘A Star is Born’. (Indie Wire) Read More

Is Man Flu a real thing? New evidence suggests men might actually suffer more than women. Yeah right. (BBC) Read More

The incredible, mind-blowing story of the vegetable peeler that changed the world forever. Innovative design at it’s best. (Fast Company) Read More


Should we talk to Aliens or not? That’s the question Astronomers are struggling with and if so what would we say? Something about the weather maybe? (Wired) Read More

Fancy checking out some Autumn leaves and all the wondrous colours that adorn the landscape this time of year? Well here’s the best 8 places to visit, if that’s your bag. (MSN)  Read More

Which club do you think has been named ‘the greenest football club in the world’? The answer’s not that surprising really, or is it? (BBC) Read More

A Super Deluxe Version of The Beatles 1968 White Album is set to hit the shelves in November and even when you thought there was nothing left to learn about pop’s finest, they go and surprise us all once again. (Rolling Stone) Read More

Lance Armstrong fancies doing a Tiger Woods, we’ll say this about the man, he’s definitely a fighter. (The Guardian) Read More

How does Michael Kors end up buying Versace? Does that even make any sense? (Economist) Read More

A one-man war on waste. Making a surfboard out of Dunkin Donuts coffee cups. (Adventure Sports Network) Read More

Universal Pictures is releasing some high res fine art prints from the original Jurassic Park, to celebrate 25 years since the film came out. ( Read More

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