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What We’ve Been Reading: The Links

What We’ve Been Reading: The Links

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We scour the web so you don’t have to, check out all the fascinating, weird and wonderfully irrelevant stuff we’ve been reading about this last week. It’s time for the links.

Where does the plastic bag charge go? If you haven’t got a reusable shopping bag, shame on you and to reinforce that sentiment it looks like the government are set to increase the cost of plastic bags to a whopping 10p! But where does the money go? (BBC News) Read More

Jose Mourinho’s third season syndrome. After a poor start to the season, a bullish Mourinho is at it again, picking fights and reminding us all how good he is or is that was? Will history repeat itself at United? (The Guardian) Read More

Is it the end for Bond? Lot’s of rumours have been circulating about the future of Britain’s favourite spy amid the chaos of James Bond 25 – getting a director onboard might help! (MovieWeb) Read More

The 15-minute rule to achieve your goals. Apparently, it only takes 15 minutes a day to achieve all those lifelong goals you’ve harboured. Roll on the multi-lingual, master of martial arts, mindful, book reading, Michelin starred level new you! (NBC News) Read More

Which 5 a side football player are you? 5 a side football is about the limit most post-twenty-something men can muster, but which type of 5 a side footballer are you? (Mr Porter) Read More

An Art School is lighting up Africa’s biggest slum. Kibera in Kenya is home to Africa’s biggest slum, where disease and hunger threaten the community’s livelihood. However, a brave new Art initiative is changing things for the better. ( Read More

The 7 Veggie foods with more iron than meat. Trying to follow a more plant conscious diet, but concerned about potential nutrient deficiency? Fear not, let these veggie foods light the way. (Camden Chat) Read More

Roberto Mancini is ripped at 53. Recently appointed Italy manager Roberto Mancini’s recent holiday snaps show the extra time on your hands from managing an international team is working wonders for his Dad bod! (Sportbible) Read More

Are you a Wolf or a Sheep? The fascinating social dynamics of a Wolfpack and what modern man can learn about being an Alpha in an increasingly fractious world. (Art of Manliness) Read More

Michael Jackon’s ‘Thriller’. Originally conceived as a fourteen-minute short film, Michael Jackon’s Thriller became the most popular and influential music video of all time. (Vanity Fair) Read More

We’ve had the ‘ugly’ Dad trainer craze, but what’s next? Cumbersome chunky trainers with hiking shoelaces are the prerequisite to fashion for today’s youth, it’s been all about the ‘ugly’ trainer, but what’s next? (Mr Porter) Read More

Tony Adam’s Life on a Plate. Arsenal and England legend Tony Adams has had a remarkable career for both good and bad reasons. Success on the pitch, a stint in prison, alcoholism, but his love of food endures. (The Guardian) Read More

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