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Karate Kid Reboot: The Cobra Kai Trailer is Here

Having seen off competition from Netflix and Amazon, YouTube Red secured the rights for the hotly anticipated (for 80s kids at least) Karate Kid reboot Cobra Kai, that if nothing else will have us all feeling old and excited in equal measure. It’s not been clear exactly how the story will evolve and what has become of Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) in the ensuing years and for that matter his original nemesis Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), who if memory serves had a moment of clarity in the culminating scene of Karate Kid, which continued into the opening of Karate Kid 2, however all grace and diplomacy would appear to be firmly on the back burner as Daniel-son and Johnny take on the roles of their original sensei’s Miyagi and Kreese as they each train a new pupil in the ways of the fist. Take a look at the first trailer…

Set 30 years after the famous 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, which Daniel won after beating Johnny with the famed kick, the 10-episode series sees a down at heel Johnny re-open the Cobra Kai dojo and reignite a fresh rivalry with the now successful but slightly rudderless Daniel who’s been living an unfulfilled life as a car dealer.

Pat Morita who played the martial arts guru Miyagi passed away in 2005 but will surely be a constant reference point. As for whether another big character will appear, Cobra Kai’s Sensei played by Martin Kove, no confirmation as of yet, but we have everything crossed for a John Creese cameo.

The team behind the film Hot Tub Time Machine and Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle are co-writing and directing so we’re expecting comedy, but hopefully nothing too over the top. The writers have promised laughs, heart and some great fight scenes so we’re hopeful that the series will be a winner. Will Smith is exec producing Cobra Kai, his son Jaden Smith starred in the 2010 remake of the original.

Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence square off at the Cobra Kai gym

Credit YouTube Red

We at The MALESTROM kind of imagined Daniel would now be running a health food shop, while teaching Yoga on the weekends, and as for Johnny, well he’d have cashed in on his real estate portfolio while funding start ups in Silicon Valley. Apparently not, looks like there’s still a score to be settled, let’s just hope Johnny hasn’t wasted the whole of the last thirty plus years festering, either way as the tagline says,

“Some rivalries never end.”

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