Blade Runner 2049 Poster with Ryan Gosling next to a futuristic car

The New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Just Dropped

The new Blade Runner 2049 trailer has just dropped in Hollywood and on first inspection things are looking pretty good. We’ve had a close eye on the movie ever since it was announced, especially after The MALESTROM spoke to original Blade Runner producer Michael Deeley about the making of the 1982 sci-fi classic last year. Check out his thoughts on the new film HERE.

The full trailer shows us more scenes between new Blade Runner Officer K (Ryan Gosling) and Harrison Ford’s original runner Rick Deckard, with the revelation that these hunters are now being hunted down themselves! We also get to see Jared Lato as the strange looking bad guy Neander Wallace who’s out to get them. Director Dennis Villeneuve seems to have re-created the neon tinged world beautifully so we have high hopes that this will be able to follow in Blade Runner’s considerable footsteps. It’s out on 6th October this year, and we cannot wait.

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