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Latest Movie News Roundup Including the Brand New Halloween Trailer

Latest Movie News Roundup Including the Brand New Halloween Trailer

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It’s movie news roundup time and with today’s release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom stealing the headlines we thought we’d venture a little further afield and see what else is hot this week, starting off with our all-time number 1 slasher star Michael Myers and the brand new trailer for Halloween


Hot out of the edit suite is the brand new trailer for Halloween where everyone’s favourite final girl Jamie Lee Curtis reprises the iconic role of Laurie Strode, and with John Carpenter taking up Exec Producer duties there’s plenty to be excited about. Fans of Halloween will be well versed with the many incarnations over the years, but it’s time to consign every instalment into the filing cabinet, because this is a direct sequel.

Having actually spent the last forty years in a mental hospital, Michael has been patiently waiting for an opportunity to wreak havoc on Haddonfield one more time. The trailer is very promising and with Nick Castle the original boogeyman from 1978 back in the overalls, things couldn’t get more appetising.

Add to that the fact that Blumhouse Productions are involved, who brought us the Oscar-nominated Get Out, and you have a sure-fire recipe for success.

White Boy Rick

Our recent post on the best biopic movies showed our love of a good true story and this tale about the early life of Richard Wershe Jr. who at 14 years of age became an FBI informant, infiltrating the murky underworld of Detroit, looks set to be movie gold.

A streetwise kid, but with little knowledge of the drug scene, Ricky was coerced by investigators to use his contacts and friendships to uncover the scale of drug trafficking in the area, something it turns out he was very good at, however when he started to unravel incidences of police corruption and government cover-ups, he was quickly abandoned by his handlers, with nowhere to turn he used his newfound knowledge and contacts to become a major drug dealer.

An astonishing story, pertinent, as the real Richard Wershe Jr. was released last year having served 30 years.


You’ll know by now that our love of horror doesn’t start and end with Halloween, we at The MALESTROM HQ are full on card-carrying members of all things that go bump in the night, which is why we’re rather excited about next week’s release of Hereditary.

The film has been causing quite a stir since the trailer first came out, and with a resounding thumbs up from critics, Hereditary is being talked up as one of the scariest in many a year. Featuring a quality cast including Toni Collette and Gabriel Byrne, the film follows the Graham family, who begin to experience terrifying paranormal activity after the death of matriarch Ellen.

Dealing with issues of grief, anxiety and resentment the family’s domestic life begins to unravel in what is set to be a harrowing and deeply unsettling cinematic experience, especially if this trailer is anything to go by.


This prequel to the now weary and wearing thin Transformers series will be the first installment not directed by Michael Bay who takes on Exec duties and hands the reins to Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings). 

Set in the 1980s we find our beloved BumbleBee hiding out in a junkyard in California where he is discovered by his new accomplice Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), before long a secret government agency, led by WWE wrestler turned actor John Cena no less, is hot on their heels.

Cue carnage and mayhem and presumably a reboot for the series and a whole host of other money making spin offs.

Jared Leto is back as the Joker

There are no firm plot details as yet, but the crazy comic book capers of the DC Universe looks set to continue with more strands than Donald Trumps bouffant. It has been rumoured, nay confirmed, that Joaquin Phoenix is set to star in a standalone Joker movie which makes the news that Jared Leto is set to reprise his version in a Suicide Squad spinoff all the more baffling.

He certainly embraced the role last time out and with Leto actually taking on an Exec Producer role there’s more than a whiff of self-indulgence at play here. We’ll reserve judgement for now.

Movie news the new Joker film

Keep checking back for more of the latest movie news. 

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