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Scary Films to Stream this Halloween

Scary Films to Stream this Halloween

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If you’re the type that only watches a good old horror movie this time of year, then no doubt your regular streaming service recommendations don’t include the vast array of quality Horror on offer. We’ve had a proper scour through exactly what’s on offer and picked out some perfect scary films to stream this All Hallows Eve, that’ll leave sleeping with the lights on.

Clown (Netflix)

The movies are awash these days with gruesome clowns, but none are more disturbing than Kent McCoy, a decent and hardworking family man who in an attempt to save his son’s birthday celebrations, dresses up in an old clown costume he happens across in the basement of a house he is selling.

Fun and frolics ensue, but as Kent falls asleep in his costume after the party, he awakes to find he can’t get the bloody thing off, leading to one particularly unsettling scenario that includes trying to remove the once rubber nose that has now morphed into his. It turns out, of course, the outfit is possessed by an evil child-killing demon (what else!), and as Kent slowly transforms, sympathy for his plight quickly evaporates.

If Clowns ain’t your scene, then this is the flick to freak you out this Halloween.

Candyman (Netflix)

This cult slasher from way back in 1992 is apparently getting a reboot, with a direct sequel to this original classic penned for the summer of next year. But, in the meantime, if you haven’t ever watched this wonderful movie, or you just fancy a nostalgic road trip, then there’s no time like the present.

It’s all centred around the misfortune of sociology graduate Helen Lyle, who upon hearing the mythological tale of the killer Candyman, decides to put the far fetched legend to the test by repeating his name five times while looking in a mirror (don’t try this at home people). What follows is a bonkers hare em scare em masterpiece.

Far more than the sum of its parts, this is a layered film, that also features a great screen bogeyman.

The Night Eats the World (Netflix)

This Parisien zombie flick centres around Sam, who after a heavy night of partying wakes up in his apartment only to find the streets are awash with the bloodthirsty living dead.

Rather overwhelmed by his new reality, Sam barricades himself in and ponders the possibility that he may be the only survivor in this terrifying scenario. It’s a truly innovative and entertaining take on the zombie premise in what is definitely a worthwhile addition to what has become a saturated genre.

If contemporary scares are what you’re after, give this a go.

Children of the Corn (Amazon Prime)

Another classic and one that transports you direct to the 80s is Children of the Corn, based on a short story by horror mastermind Stephen King. Set in the fictional town of Gaitlin in the non-fictional state of Nebraska, the story follows the fortunes of some farming folk with strongly held religious beliefs, who discover that the usually flourishing corn fields have failed to materialise in time for harvest.

Anyone who’s watched Netflix’s In the Tall Grass, might be forgiven for a degree of trepidation, a view well-founded as the town’s children enter the field to perform a religious ritual that entices the kids to go on a murdering rampage, seeing to it that all the adults are left for dead.

It might not be the best adaptation of Stephen King’s work, but it’s well worth a watch, at least to see how horror movies used to be made.

Howl (Amazon Prime)

This low budget independent British horror movie is remarkably ambitious while maintaining a definite sense of humour. Lying somewhere in between B-movie madness and carefully choreographed mainstream fright flick, there’s a lot to admire and enjoy about Howl.

For anyone who faces a daily commute to and from the capital, there’s much to relate to, as the slow-moving last train from London Waterloo ambles through the dark British countryside under the gaze of a full moon. As things predictably come to a screeching halt (it doesn’t actually reference Southern Rail) the diverse blend of characters become increasingly frustrated, arguing among themselves, before their journey takes a devilish twist in the form of some bloodthirsty werewolves.

Keep an eye out for a great cameo from Dog Soldiers star Sean Pertwee.

The Omen (Now TV)

While a decent enough remake hit the big screen a few years back, there’s still no beating the original and best Omen movie. One of the most revered horror franchises of all time, following the travails of the antichrist who takes human form in the body of angelic but unquestionably evil-looking baby Damien who is adopted by American Diplomat Robert Thorn and his wife.

Living a life of privilege and prosperity allows the young crazy-eyed killer to wield his cunning, causing a series of mysterious or not so events that traumatise his adopted family. A sinister and at times downright terrifying film, that is as good today as it was over 40 years ago.

Interestingly if only to add weight to the marketing of the film, which was released on 6th June 1976 (As in 666), a curse has long been considered to have plagued the production, of which you read more on here.

Mom and Dad (Hulu)

If it’s a large dose of humour you like with your horror movies then Mom and Dad is definitely worth a watch, as Nicholas Cage slips back into the old routine and is arguably at his maniacal best, in this cult hit. A sleepy suburban town finds itself overrun with psychotic parents intent on killing their own children after a strange static frequency transmitted through the television rewires their brains.

A truly shocking and violent movie that doesn’t pretend to be anything other than it is. At times wildly funny and in equal parts gruesome and gory, the crazy premise holds up thanks to some wild and wicked performances.

This one will have you laughing out loud while wincing from behind the sofa.

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