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Summer Feature Films Roundup

Summer Feature Films Roundup

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Summer signals many things, not least the start of hit and miss season at the cinema. There’s plenty to get your teeth into and we think it looks like a promising period, from action to horror, and with a large dose of humour in between, here’s our pick of the best summer feature films on the cinematic horizon.


A superhero film with a twist – not heard that before, however, Brightburn looks like a surprisingly worthwhile venture. Mimicking Superman’s very own origin story, Brightburn is centered around a baby from another planet that mysteriously winds up in the farmyard of Tori and Kyle Breyer in Brightburn, Kansas.

Bringing the child they name Brandon as their own, what ensues is a horror-filled path of destruction as he enters puberty and becomes aware of serious superhuman strength and indomitable powers.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Early signs suggest this could be a very welcome addition to the Terminator franchise, and a return to the style and substance of 1991’s blockbuster chapter 2 Judgement Day.

Rumours suggest the film is set in an alternate future timeline, however, what we do know is the cyborg sent from the future (Mackenzie Davis) has the ability to split in two, forming double trouble where it comes to killer Terminators.

Linda Hamilton makes a welcome return doing her thing as badass Sarah Connor and, of course, an ageing Arnie is at his indestructible best, praise be.

IT: Chapter 2

Time to hide behind your red balloons because evil clown Pennywise is returning. After the success of 2017’s Steven King adaptation, the sequel sees the children of the Loser’s Club all grown up and facing an intense battle against everyone’s favourite painted faced nightmare.

Legend has it that evil revisits the town of Derry every 27 years which is why the friends are teaming up again to counter the evil killer clown. Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy are among the stars.

The Art of Self Defense

This dark comedy featuring Jesse Eisenberg as a fragile and paranoid loner that’s scared of his own shadow, looks like it may well be worth a trip to the big screen.

Having been set upon by a motorcycle gang bookkeeper, Casey joins the local Karate classes the learn some self-defence and all is going swimmingly with a renewed sense of confidence until he begins attending the more alpha environment of the school’s night classes. One of the most intriguing of all these summer feature films.


Danny Boyle’s lighthearted comedy, written by Richard Curtis follows struggling musician Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) who dreams of fame and fortune but seems as far away as ever from realising his dream.

Until that is, an accident sees him awaken in a sort of parallel universe where The Beatles never existed, at least not in anyone’s mind but Jacks. What would you do with a headful of classics and an unwitting world at your disposal?

In Fabric

This offbeat, surreal, Lynchian horror comedy is set centred around a killer dress (you read that right) as it wreaks havoc on all who wear it. Cult fandom surely awaits.

We were fans of Eli Roth’s Clown, and while In Fabric looks somewhat more amusing, we’re expecting similar levels of weird. Definitely one for lovers of the underground B-movie horror vibe. A celebration of style with a large dose of comedic substance.


Willem Defoe might have delivered a career standout performance as Pier Paolo Pasolini, if nothing else he’s a dead ringer for the acclaimed Italian writer, director and all-round intellectual.

Abel Ferrara directs this long-awaited feature and looks a good fit given he knows a thing or two about artistic endeavour and controversy being intertwined. The film focuses on Pasolini in the days running up to his murder, including an interview he gave just days before his death. Looks like a fascinating watch, but won’t be to everyone’s taste.

47 Metres Down: Uncaged

We extolled the virtues of under the radar sharkscapade 47 Metres Down previously and thankfully, no doubt due to popular demand, a sequel is nearly in our midst.

This new terror beneath the water follows a group of intrepid teenage divers who take the plunge into a hidden and secluded Mayan cave only to unsurprisingly find themselves trapped in a shark pit, for want of a better description.

Expect shock and awe aplenty and if the first film is anything to go by some rather terrifying and very real killer sharks.

Ford v Ferrari

Christian Bale and Matt Damon are a good enough reason to hit the cinema and big things are rightly expected of this biopic charting the life and times of American Car Designer Carrol Shelby.

He who built a car from scratch that would challenge the dominant force of Ferrari, that is trialled and tested by enigmatic British Racing Driver Ken Miles (Bale).

An impressive cast, despite the fact that it was originally earmarked as a vehicle (pardon the pun) for Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.

Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle’s back and presumably, that means lots of childish giggles coming from some dark room in a secluded house. Yes, the doll that makes Chucky look like a choir boy returns to the big screen to terrorise and traumatise in equal measure.

The Conjuring Universe can be a bit hit and miss but there’s always plenty of worthwhile scares, if like us you appreciate that sort of thing.

Demonologists Ed and Lorraine (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) who should by virtue of their line of work know better, make the inexplicable decision to bring the demon doll back to their home and lock her in a glass case, good luck with that!

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